The Half-an-Hour-a-Day way to get things done!

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Here’s another tip in the How-I-Make-Time series!

 The half an our way

One of the things I find super-hard is to get things done when I feel I need more time to spend on the THING than I’ve got! You TOO?!

Here’s a little trick I use that’s worked over and over again. I’m always a little surprised it works. But it does. And for that I’m grateful!

Seven years ago when I was writing How to Bake a Business I *really* wanted to take a couple of months off work to write it. Back then I had a full time job and three children and NO time, and not surprisingly I couldn’t just take time off. Gah! I was really struggling to work out how I was going to write the book, and was about to give up when I thought I’d just try one last thing: I’d see if I could get it done writing for just half an hour every day.

I totally didn’t think half an hour a day would work. I mean, honestly, by the time I’d warmed up my writing brain and remembered where I was up to the whole half an hour would be pretty much up. Yes?!

Well that was totally true at the start. But I persisted with my daily half an hour of writing and it got EASIER! Really! Soon my little half hour became a habit. It’s just what I did! And yup, the book got written and published and all while I had a full-time (full-on) job and three children.

Now please don’t think I’m telling this story because I fancy myself as a super- hero! Quite the opposite! I’m just a too- busy Mum who found a FAB way to get something done. And I use it all the time now! Half-an-hour-a-Day is a totally doable, super-simple way to get stuff done!

Tips for Half-an-Hour-a-Day

If you’d like to try the Half-an-Hour-a-Day thing, here are some TIPS!

1 Find a time in the day where you can regularly spare half an hour

Your half-an-hour- a-day doesn’t need to be at the same time every day but it helps! Why? Well it turns your half-hour into a habit more quickly, and once it becomes a habit it gets easier to do!

Lots of people pick half an hour early in the morning before the kids wake up (that’s my best time!) or half an hour after dinner in the evening. Just find something that suits you.

2 Time yourself

I’ve found it’s better to stick to the half an hour than to let myself do more. Even when I’m in the flow! Why? Well sticking to the half hour has trained my mind to do good work in half and hour. In other words it’s turned my s-l-o-w self into a sprinter! The other things is that the time limit stops me doing three hours one day and nothing else all week. Although a big three hour session sounds OK, it kinda puts me out of the routine and I then find it super-hard to get back into it!

So every day I set my timer for half an hour and I finish when the timer goes off!

3 Try it for 30 days before you give up!

The first few days are easy. Then it gets HARD! Hard! Hard! So if you really want to make this work give it at least 30 days before you give up! After 30 days you’ll have got over the tough bit and be into the habit! Hurrah!

Finally. Although I’ve talked about a writing project you can do this with ANYTHING! I’ve suggested before that you can do marketing this way, and right now I’m using it to design a new product!

What do YOU think?! Fancy giving half-an-hour-a-day a go?


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2 Comments on "The Half-an-Hour-a-Day way to get things done!"

  1. Lucy October 29, 2014 at 9:09 pm · Reply

    I find this approach useful for things I don’t really enjoy doing as well. I’m currently using it for my tax return. It’s a bit complicated this year so felt like an insurmountable task a week or so ago – today will probably be my final half hour on it 🙂

    • Julia Bickerstaff October 29, 2014 at 9:50 pm · Reply

      Yay to getting it finished Lucy! I’ve been doing similar on mine!!

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