How to Bake a Business, by Julia Bickerstaff (Allen & Unwin)

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“A feast of practical advice served up in easy-to-understand bite-size pieces.” – David Koch

Praise for the Book

I recently picked up a copy of your book ‘How to bake a business’ and I just had to let you know how wonderful I think it is. I smiled the whole time I read it, and more than once laughed out loud (which was a little embarrassing reading on the bus to work, but it was worth it!). I have never had so much fun reading a book about business before; it was such a refreshing change from the usual textbook-style books I pick up. What I love most about it, is the honesty. It’s easy to understand, and every single thing is relevant. I don’t say this often about non fiction, but I could not put it down!”

Shalini Huntman

I have been absorbing as much as I can from your book. It is wonderful. So easy to read and understand and the recipes are a nice little break from the heavy numbers stuff. I will be getting copies for all my friends with businesses and the best part is mum should be able to understand it which helps me explain how the finances fit into her cooking and vice versa.I am actually a note taker myself but I have found that your book is so easy to read and isn’t littered with “fillers” that I can find what I need easily without having to go over and over things. I know it’s going to be an important tool in our new business. I now have to compose myself to increase prices.”

Tammie Livingstone
CRUMBS Yarra Valley Gourmet Biscuits

I bought your book last week. As a commercial cookery & pastry student, I immediately related to the background premise and dived right in. I’ve always dreamt of running my own business and leaving my first career to go to TAFE and embarking on my current studies was part of that dream. I sought out your site as I wanted to tell you that after faffing about for god knows how long, I finally have a business plan drafted after reading your book. What’s more, I ended up turfing much of what I had in my head and discovered new ways to make my idea work, garnering a specific direction in the process. How incredibly liberating this was! I am indebted to your simple, easy to understand format (including the size of the book) as well as your many metaphors which really triggered a lot of new thoughts for me. Subsequent re-reads give me the courage to continue as I refine my draft. Congratulations. I love it”

Sorcia Morrison

The book is fabulous so informative, great layout and actually very inspirational makes me want to get started… and for a creative like myself not boring as a lot of small business books tend to be.Now all I need to do is get started”

Rachelle Bundis

I’ve been sorta busily putting my business plan together and have bought a fab book to get me started. It’s called “How to Bake a Business” by Julia Bickerstaff. It must’ve been some sort of sign because when I walked into Borders in search of a business plan book, this one caught my eye as soon as I reached the business book aisle. First of all, this book had a cupcake on it, my eyes never miss a cupcake. Secondly, this was superbly named since I am trying to build a business that bakes. Thirdly, I need guidance on how to start a business plan! And I am loving this book. The author used to be a Partner at Deloitte and there’s a connection because I used to be a Consultant at a competing consulting firm. Anyway, besides the point. The book has small bite sized pieces to follow to start writing a business plan. Let me tell you, I’ve always wanted to write a business plan for my cupcake idea but it feels like a Mt.Everest so I’ve always put it off… now I’ve found something that’s easy to follow and seriously writing a business plan doesn’t have to be the most complex document on earth, it’s so much better if it’s easy to follow, succinct and if the common sense shows then who knows I’ll be able to find people willing to invest! So that’s my goal. One step at a time.”

Sheryl Thai

This book has really helped me to jump ahead, in stages I thought I could not, I love the part about writting yourself a letter into the future. You have inspired me to go forward with my dreams. Thank you for your advice through out the book.”

Kristine Bell

The book is great. I’d love to get more”

Arianne Thompson

I’m about half way through your book, Julia and can barely put it down! Its great!”

Angela Nash

I am halfway through ‘how to bake a business’ and loving it. Helpful, realistic and I just get it. Thank you Julia!’

Bonnie Blackburn

I just wanted to let you know that I have found your book really valuable”.

Many Thanks, Sheryl

I am in the process of setting up a small craft business and I would like to thank you for your fantastic book, How to bake a business, it was enjoyable to read and actually do the activities and translates all of the serious business stuff I have put off for quite some time! I am now ready to dive in and play! I will also be recommending it to anyone looking for a simple and fun guide to starting a business.”

Thanks again, Cheers
Kirsty Mitchell

I have started to read your book and I am also enjoying it enormously. I will get some of my clients to read it too.”

Roland Hanekroot

I recommended your book to another friend of mine who is trying to start a business from her kitchen. She bought your book last week and has started to set up her spreadsheets and gave me a ring yesterday to ask about hourly rates for a certain skill of person so she could work out her costs per unit. So there you go – your book in action”

Jacqueline Butler

I loved the book and will recommend it as well as re-read it again….I think I read it within a day or so of buying it!

Kathleen Roberts

If you are not in Australia you (and want to save on your postage costs!) you can buy the book here:


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