How to get rid of distracting habits

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I can get very distracted! Just in case you do too, here’s another way to break the ‘distracting’ habit.


A couple of months ago I suggested this tip of noting down on a piece of paper whenever you do your distracting habit. I wrote about my Dad’s habit of making copious cups of tea and how he had to write down every time he made one, to break it.


Today’s distracting- habit buster is ‘saying the distracting habit out loud’ whenever you do it.


So one of my distracting habits is checking email. Whenever I go to check email I now say out loud ‘checking email’.


The ‘out loud’ bit is super important. The act of verbalising switches on many more parts of the brain than just thinking. And when more parts of the brain are tuned in to help you kick a distracting habit, well it’s like having a super hero on your side.


As an aside, this is also fabulous if you are trying to quit snacking! I’m a bit of a one for popping in the fridge looking for something to munch on so I’ve started saying “snacking” every time I do it. It does get me some funny looks from my kids but it seems to be working!

Do you have a distracting habit, or have you cured yourself of one? Pop over to our Facebook page and let us know.


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