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It’s hard to get a Big Thing Done isn’t it?! Especially when you are so BUSY already, or when life keeps getting in the way, or if you’re a professional procrastinator, or when you just can’t seem to summon up the energy.

There is a simple way to crack this though!  And it’s called the 100 Day Goal. Over 80,000 people have 100-Day-Goal-ed their way to getting a Big Thing Done and now YOU CAN TOO!

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100 Day Goal


100 Day Goal Guide

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What Big Things have people done?

We’ve had people write books, start businesses, get healthy, renovate, reach sales targets, achieve promotions, save money, make money, relocate, emigrate, leave bad relationships, get married, rehabilitate from sickness, build websites, re-discover creativity, Graduate, open a Gallery, launch events, fundraise…..  Anything and everything really!

Can you really get a Big Thing Done in 100 days?

Well, sometimes yes, but sometimes you need to set a 100 Day Goal just as a stepping stone on your way to your Big Thing.

You might not know this, but 100 days really is the BEST length of time to work on a goal! Big goals that take longer than 100 days are super-hard to start (there’s no urgency!) and stick with (sound familiar?!). Goals that are shorter than 100 days don’t give you enough time to accomplish something BIG.

100 days is the Goldilocks of Goals. It’s just right!

100 Day Goal


Will it work for me?

Yes! It is very doable for everybody……

“I’m on my third 100 Day Goal with you, and you’ve spurred me on to make the kind of progress I just wasn’t making before” Simone

“I’ve done it! Reached my first 100 Day Goal. I’m soooooo happy. It was a fairly slow start and then a crazy finish” Sammy”

Thanks for the 100 Day Goal, it’s a fantastic motivator” Karen

“Well now I have officially smashed my 100 Day Goal to pieces -so much so I’ve had to stop counting! I’m super-pleased I persevered and I’m even in slight disbelief!”

“I’m afraid I might need to complain, this 100 Day Goal has been too successful! I’ve had so many sales I’m exhausted!” Marie

“I’m just so pleased I set a goal and stuck to it!” Daisy

“I just wanted to say that I have loved your daily messages of encouragement and I’m really happy with what I have focused on, and achieved” Sue

“I’m over the moon right now as I’ve sold 53 pieces, smashing this year’s target” Elizabeth

“I can’t believe the progress we’ve made in the last 18 months through using the 100 day goal. Thank you!” Sally

“I am so amazed by how much value you deliver day after day! I am so grateful for your help which is doing all the difference for me. I couldn’t have come this far with my book project without you.” Olga

“Today was my first month weigh in at the gym. 28lb lost. 8 inches gone off my waist, 6 inches off my hips, 2.5 inches off my bust and 4 inches off each leg. Totally delighted with the 100 Day Goal!” Angi

“Yay! My goal was setting up a relaxation class, I ran my first one last night which was fully booked and it’s now also fully booked for next week!” Melanie

“I am so proud of myself. Day 33, and I am still with this. I have the habit of starting things, courses, and challenges, and then forgetting about it. But this 100 days goal, it just works. I have so much accomplished since I started! Really love it.” Marrije

“The 100 Day Goal has made me so much more productive in all aspects of my life!. What used to seem at times overwhelming I now find myself getting on with. I’m less stressed and balancing my private life with a busy seven day a week business.” Melissa

Fancy doing the 100 Day Goal with us?

We’re starting the 100 Day Goal on 1 September 2018. Fancy joining us? You get the 100 Day Goal Guide, cute printable Master Action list, Weekly Action Lists, Daily to-do lists AND you get to join our little Facebook group, full of people like you, doing the 100 Day Goal PLUS you get a sweet daily email reminding you to write your journal and telling you how many days you’ve done! And it’s all FREE! If you like the sound of this click here

STARTS AGAIN 1 September 2018

join us!

100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery 100 Day Goal 100 Day GoalThe 100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery. Starts again 1 SEPTEMBER 2016. What could YOU get done in 100 days? Fancy joining us to see?!