Ready to make a Healthy Income and profit from the work you love?

The Business Bakery is all about helping you make a Healthy Income from your handmade, boutique or intentionally-small business. Gosh ‘Intentionally-small” is such a mouthful isn’t it? But it’s the shortest phrase we can find which says “I’m a small business that’s happy being small. Not a small business business that’s planning to be big”.

We think that making a ‘Healthy Income’ is super-important. While a handmade, boutique or intentionally-small business might not be able to make oodles of money (although *hello* that would be nice) it also shouldn’t make it’s owner work a slew of hours to scrape a living.

Hmm. It shouldn’t.

But you know it mostly does.

Yup. It’s not talked about much and you could think you’re the only one. But no, you’re not. The truth is that most handmade and boutique-y business owners work very long hours to earn, well, not a lot. And when you do the maths, it gets worse. Many of you actually earn less per hour than the minimum wage.

Yikes! That’s just so wrong.

The thing is it doesn’t have to be. YOU can earn a Healthy Income from your business. And we’re going to show you how….

Here’s what you’ll find at The Business Bakery

The Daily Juice for easy to follow tips and how-to’s which we’ve created.

The Scrapbook for useful bits and bobs which we’ve found or have asked other people to write

Snacks of Profitable Goodness a weekly round up of yummy stuff for your business delivered straight to your inbox

A very fabulous-and active-community of homemade,boutique and intentionally-small business owners on our Facebook page

Our Kitchen.This is the super-special part of the Business Bakery and there’s more on this below.

A teeny weeny shop

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is at the heart of The Business Bakery and it's where we help you beat, blend and knead your business into shape. It's the home of our fun and super-doable Healthy Income Program and it's perfect if you're serious about making a Healthy Income.

Here's why we think you'll love it:


Healthy Income Program
Our unique ten step method, supported by lots of witty little techniques is designed specifically to help you make a better profit per hour (more on what that is, below) and a Healthy Income.



Stuff to read that’s bite-sized and easy to digest.



We do the Healthy Income Program together-ish. We ‘cook’ a selection of Business Recipes and notes together twice a week. It’s just enough work to make a difference and not too much to be overwhelming.



To make it super-easy, most of the Business Recipes have worksheets with them. You just fill them in and keep them handy that way you’ve got all the info you need at your fingertips.



Business Recipes
You get step-by-step instructions for everything. No more wondering what to do next.



Once a month we get together to ask questions and have a chat. No more feeling alone.


Hi I'm Julia Bickerstaff and I'm the founder of the Business Bakery.

I thought I should tell you a little bit about me. But isn't it hard to write about yourself? And what would you like to know, I wonder?
Maybe you'd like to know that I'm a Mum of four gorgeous children. That I live in Australia but hail from England. That I'm better at eating cakes than making them. And that while I picture myself as super-organised I'm actually a little bit scatty.

Or maybe you'd like to know that I used to have a serious job. That I was a partner at the global consulting firm Deloitte. That I used to work with companies that were really quite big. That I helped them get bigger. But that I then found that helping small business was more fun and, well, useful.

Perhaps you'd like to know that I've got lots of business experience. Maybe I should tell you that I'm finance expert on Australia's Channel 7 show "Kochie's Business Builders" and a regular on ABC's Finance Quarter. That I write for digital publications such as Smartcompany and Flying Solo. That I still do a little business coaching and lots of keynote speaking. And that many years ago I did the work, studied hard, passed the exams and earned the right to call myself a Chartered Accountant and an economist.

I wonder if you'd like to know how The Business Bakery came about? Yes? Well here we go then. I guess it arose from my love of handmade stuff, little shops and boutique business. When I need to buy something, that's where I heard first. Because I'm a bit of a chatterbox with a background in business, over the years the places I bought stuff from became my, um, business coaching clients. It was all very unofficial-I had a day job. A big busy one.

As it happens I had rather a lot of very unofficial business coaching clients. And what with that, plus a growing family, well let’s just say I had neither the room nor the need for that big busy day job anymore. I quit and started The Business Bakery.

Two things troubled me about business coaching, The first was that because I worked with clients one-on-one I couldn’t really help very many people. The second is that the whole one-on-one thing makes business coaching expensive so often the people who need it most can’t afford it. I wanted The Business Bakery to be different. I wanted it to be a place where everyone could feast on useful stuff to make a Healthy Income. The Kitchen is a super-special part of The Business Bakery. It’s for people who are serious about making a Healthy Income and need a super-doable a plan to follow. The Healthy Income Program, Business Recipes, Cookalongs and Kitchen-Tables are steeped in business coaching. But I think they work better.

So that’s a bit about me and why I started The Business Bakery. But please don’t think I do everything. I write the Business Recipes and the Daily Juice and I lead the Cookalongs but it’s Team Business Bakery that keeps this baby afloat.

Well that’s it. Is there anything else you’d like to know? If so please just get in touch.

Happy business baking