The easy-peasy way to do 15 minutes marketing a day

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15mins a day

This one’s for you if you find marketing a little bit TRICKY.

The yawny-boring  secret to great marketing is to do it consistently. You know. Like every day. RIGHT! But what if marketing just ain’t your thing? And you don’t know WHAT to do. Like. Every day.

Well you can try this. It’s a super-doable way of getting a little marketing done every day. And it’s fun too!

1. Start by making your list of 100 ideas. I know. 100 ideas sounds rather a lot. But give this a go. You’ll surprise yourself. Promise!

2. Using your list of 100 ideas as inspiration, make a list of 15 15-minute ‘things’ you *can* do. Call this your 15 X15. These aren’t BIG things, just little steps you can take. For instance, let’s say you run pottery classes for children. One item on your list of 100 ideas is to give a free talk to parents at local schools on the subject of how pottery helps the development of a child’s brain. Your list of 15 15 minute things could include:

  1. Make list of all local schools.
  2. Write script for making appointment with Headmistress
  3. Call school A
  4. Call school B
  5. Call school C
  6. Prepare notes for interview with Headmistress
  7. Call school D
  8. Prepare outline of proposed talk
  9. Have interview with Headmistress of school A
  10. ….etc

3. Once you’ve got your 15X15 list, do ONE thing from your list every day! Just one! And you don’t have to do them in the order they appear on the list. I kinda like to do what I *feel* like doing and you probably do too!

4. If you want to make marketing into a real habit, then do your 15 minute ‘thing’ EVERY day. Including on your days off. Ouch! But yes. It really helps! Pick easy things for your days off though- like reading and research if you enjoy that kinda stuff.

5. Once a week/every 10 days spend one of your 15 minutes’s thinking of another 15 15-minute ‘things’ to do! That way you will always have a nice chunky list to work through.

Fancy giving this a try?! You might want to give it a really *proper* go for just one month and see what happens. I think you’ll be super-happy with the results!

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5 Comments on "The easy-peasy way to do 15 minutes marketing a day"

  1. Melissa January 21, 2014 at 2:06 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the great tips will see if I can try it for a month.

  2. Rosie Parsons September 15, 2015 at 3:51 pm · Reply

    Some really smart ideas thanks! I was planning some marketing time every day but it was for always the same social media type stuff. I like having a list of 100 ideas and then doing the 15×15 to get stuff done! Definitely going to try that!

    • Julia Bickerstaff September 15, 2015 at 3:58 pm · Reply

      So glad you liked them Rosie! My BIG tip is less Social Media more “other” if you can! xx

  3. Rosie Parsons September 16, 2015 at 5:05 am · Reply

    Ah really? So how long would you think to be optimal to spend on SM per day? I’d set aside 15 mins every day but my time is extremely pressured as I have 4 children under 3! So I really need to spend my time very wisely!

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