How to get more out of your day – tips for too-busy solo business owners like YOU and ME!

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TIPS! (1)

Oh hello!

I’m starting a new series on here. Hope you LIKE it! It’s tips for how to get more out of your day. It’s stuff for too-busy solo business owners. Like YOU. And ME!

I’ve writing it because lots of you have asked me how I run a business around my family. And specifically about TIME! About how I fit everything in. Gosh. It’s been a bit of an adventure for me. I’m totally not perfect, but I HAVE learned how to make smarter choices with my time and I’m super-happy to share them with you.

I’ll pop a few posts up here every week between now and Christmas. Stuff that’s worked for me. If you’re too busy to check in here make sure you’re signed up to our weekly Snacks and then they’ll just pop into your email box. Easy!

Thirty hours a week

Here’s a little bit of background……. 

Six years ago I was a partner in a big serious professional services firm (here I am – back in the day  looking young and serious!) My three boys were 7, 5 and 3 when I decided to leave the BIG corporate world to work for myself. I wanted to have a flexible lifestyle and spend more time with my children. 

My business had other ideas and life looked more like this:

Find that happy place!


Anyhoo, I was quite determined to make it WORK so I’ve spent the last six years experimenting with lots of stuff to make my business life smoother and smarter. I’m still on the journey but I’m HEAPS better than I was.

I now reckon to spend 30 hours a week on business. Less in school holidays. That’s pretty much all the time I have available! Home life is busy. Our boys are super-sporty so after-school and weekends are a blur of training and games. And we now have a (three year old) daughter too!

It really means I have to make every work-minute count. Just like YOU!



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