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If you want to get a BIG something done, doing a little bit every day makes it easy! But you need to get into the HABIT of doing it every day to make it really work. And that isn’t as simple as it sounds!

Daily routine

If you’ve ever tried to do something EVERY day, you’ll know it’s easier said than done! Some days are busy, some days you just don’t feel like it, some days you forget… But if you can keep up your daily-thing for about a month, it becomes a habit. And when it becomes a habit it DOES become easy. Really!

From the experience of more than 50,000 people doing the 100 Day Goal I absolutely know that the  best way to reach your 100 Day Goal is to work on it, a little bit, every day.

But because it’s not easy to do it every day until you’ve kinda done it every-dayfor-a- while, you need some tools to make  “daily” happen.

Here are four that help!

1 You need to WANT to do it

If you really, really, really want to reach your 100 Day Goal you’ll find it surprisingly easy to work on it every day. It’s amazing how when we totally 100% absolutely want something we can find the time and energy to make it happen.

Not sure your goal makes you feel this way? Read this and this.

2 You need Daily Reminders

I originally started sending daily emails out to 100 Day Goalers because it reminded ME to do my 100 Day Goal. I couldn’t very well send a daily email out to everyone else and not do the work myself!

While it worked for me it worked for YOU too! Not only as encouragement but also as a bit of a NAG! Yes, sometimes the emails are annoying. They remind you that you haven’t done your “thing”. They make you feel a bit guilty. But they also prod you to go and do it. And we all need that kinda prod now and again, don’t we!

[If you’re not getting the daily email, you should. It’s way more than a prod! Lots of helpful tips TOO! Just sign up here or email me]

3 You need a Reward!

Obviously the best reward for doing your daily ‘thing’ every day, is reaching your goal. But that’s 100 days away and it might be nice to have something to look forward to along the way!

  • Some 100 Day Goalers give themselves a weekly reward – 7 days of consecutive microactions
  • A friend of mine puts $5 in a jar every day that she does a microaction and when she does ten on the trot she takes it out and spends it!

What’s your reward?

4 You need to Track your Progress!

There’s nothing that keeps you going more than seeing how far you’ve come! You can track your Goal progress or your Daily progress.

If you want to track your Daily progress, you could grab one of these Goal Trackers [Hello Blossom, You’re a Star, It’s a Piece of Cake] and simply colour in a swirl, every day. This is my one! [Well, it is only Day 3!]

daily done

You can get the Goal Trackers for just $3 (£1.80) each here.


Are you feeling committed to doing something every day?!

– X-

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