22 super- practical things I’ve learned about goals!

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Goals! I’ve really had mixed success with them. You too?! I’ve got sooo much better though! Here are some super-practical things I’ve learned. Maybe they will help you too!

The victory of sucess

Are you a goal-type of person? I know some of us are and some of us just aren’t! If you get stuff done without being a goal-ie then stick with what you’re doing! If you’d like to get better at setting goals and sticking to them.., well then read on!

Two years ago I started running the 100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery. By the time we finished the last round in August over 30,000 people had participated in it! [Fancy joining us in for the next one? Pop over here !] This means that although the tips and ideas that follow are what work for me, I’ve discovered that they’re true for about 30,00 other people TOO!

Here’s what I know is true for me when it comes to goals. I think it will help you too!

people with goals

1. It’s actually super-hard to pick a good goal.

2. When I pick a ‘good’ goal I’ll probably achieve it! Yes, that surprised me!

3. If I don’t achieve a goal it’s usually because I didn’t set the right goal! That’s not an excuse  – it’s totally TRUE (and probably true for you too!)

4. The most important aspect of a goal is that it’s got to be something I really, REALLY, really, REALLY, crazily want to achieve!

5. But I’m guilty of setting goals that are more of the ‘would-be-kinda-nice’ variety. They are not good goals.

6. Seeing myself make progress towards a goal makes me want to work harder. (The more I do, the more I want to do!)

7. It is absolutely best for me to just work on one goal at a time

8. If I set a goal and don’t achieve it I still get a lot further than if I hadn’t set that goal in the first place (and all the 100 day-goalers say the same!)

9. Goals totally need an end date. It’s a race and a race needs a finish.

10. I need a break between goals to refresh.

11. A good goal sticks in my head and I think about it all the time (kinda like a teen crush) while bad goals are very forgettable!

12. When I’m struggling to reach a good goal I’ll find new  (better) ways to get there.

13. When I’m struggling with a bad goal I just keep plodding on with what I’m doing (even though it’s not working!).

14. It’s all about the why! Good goals (for me) have a purpose behind them. It’s not enough to want to ‘Make sales 100 sales’, the thing that makes me actually do the work is why I want to make that number of sales.

15. Simple numerical goals suit me best.

16. I like to measure progress. A good business goal for me is a number so I can see how I am going towards it every day. For other goals (like, say, running a marathon) I need to follow a plan. And if it’s something I need to do daily  ‘Don’t break the chain” works for me.

17. I’ve got to believe a goal is within the realms of possibility. If the goal is too big I kinda give up before I start.

18. But I also can’t get going with goals that are too small either. I need it to be a challenge!

19. Sharing my goals with other people doesn’t help me. But it might help you.  I kinda just want to be accountable to myself!

20. Writing my goal down every day though DOES help! I write it at the top of my daily to-do list. Reminds me to work on it!

21. Deciding on a good goal and focussing all my attention on that stops me getting distracted….

22. Breaking a goal into a list of Microactions makes all this goal stuff a million times simpler and easier.

Goals and envy

♡ YOU! ♡

What goal-y things work for you? Got any tips to share?!


There’s some info about the 100 Day Goal here. If you’d like to join us in September (it’s free!) pop your details in here!


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