How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE!

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A BIG collection of simple, practical, doable tips and techniques to help you get everything done (because there is SOOO much to do) when you run a solo business!



Hello! I’m Julia, founder of The Business Bakery, and here’s the Guide I never intended to write!

I’ve been running The Business Bakery for over 8 years, doing it on a tight time-budget, first around three children, and then four. I’ve been asked a gazillion times “How do you get all the work stuff done?”, and I always say, with embarrassing honesty, during those first few years; not very well!

But after baby number 4, and frazzled with busy-ness, I decided to get my act together and work out how to get it all done.

The short story is: I did it, it worked and now running my little business is VERY doable!

Now, while I’d struggled with getting stuff done and then found a way that worked, I didn’t plan to write a “How to get it done” Guide because, quite frankly, I thought the world had plenty of  “How to get it dones” and really didn’t need one more!

But then so many people have asked if I could share my tips. And specifically around the tricky question of “How do you get it all done when there’s only one of you?” So here they are, all wrapped up in  “How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE’!

Now, this is totally more than just time management, it’s actually a different way to think about the way you run your business. Because running a solo business is not the same as being an employee or running a bigger business.

It’s special, it’s fun, but it’s very demanding.

Here are a few words from other people about the Guide:

“I just HAD to jump on here and tell you all how absolutely FANTASTIC Julia’s new course is. I’m a procrastinator, I always have far too many business things to get done and I don’t prioritise properly, so this course is an absolute eye-opener.
I’ve done similar sounding online tutorials/classes before, but this one is detailed and so practical. I’ve only just begun but the wealth of organisational power I now have will turn my business around.
If you’ve been pondering this one, I can assure you, you won’t regret doing it. (and no, Julia hasn’t asked me to say this, lol, I’m just blown away by the content!)” Fiona

“I love the video about the Eisenhower box – I’ve read and seen so much about this before (and frankly got quite bored with it), but the way Julia describes it and the implications for business if you follow it are just on another level. This is why I love the Business Bakery so much – the MOST useful, practical, forward-thinking and ‘business’ oriented information I’ve ever found.” Fiona

“Honestly this Guide is so much more then I expected. I probably didn’t know what to expect because I just wanted a magic product for my procrastination but your course changed my way of thinking about my WHOLE business.” Dorota

“This has really helped me get back on my business feet…the whole time management thing has eluded me but now that I’ve watched these videos I am feeling so inspired” Megan

“Sooo good having all the concepts and tips in one chunky guide. Having it all mapped out like this with downloadable worksheets is brilliant. Thanks so much Julia Bickerstaff for putting it together. Love it!” Nicole

“I am absolutely loving this, I sorely need to get organized both with work and in my life, to take all the stress off me and give my family members a sigh of relief lol! Thank you so much Julia Bickerstaff 🙂 I have listened to the videos while crafting, then rewatched them lecture style with my planner. I have downloaded Trello and am giving everything a serious go at being sorted. I have found it so handy so far, because my brain is incredibly distractable and I am good at jumping onto the computer to research new ideas which isn’t efficient and procrastination is another pitfall. I feel quite inspired and already like ‘hey I CAN do this, it’s not too much” so thank you thank you thank you :-)” Dolly

“I am simply loving this and I think it is my best investment in any online course ever (and I buy them lots, which I will stop from now on and I will be more selective thanks to you!). Massive thank you, I honestly truly just loving it!”  Dahlia

What’s in How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE?

The Guide is over 6.5 hours of video (with printable notes and a few worksheets) covering LOTS of tips and techniques. You totally don’t have to watch the videos though, they are designed so you can just listen while you get on with other things!

The tips and techniques cover four main areas:

  1. The simple formula to use to allocate your time across Making (doing), Marketing and Admin (this changes everything!)
  1. How to change the way you work to fit more in, including:
    • Everything you need to know to do a Weekly Plan
    • Everything you need to know to do a Daily Plan
    • The best way to start your day
    • How to deal with Distractions
    • Keeping focussed
    • Routines and Habits to make your work day EASY
    • What to do when your get-up-and-go, goes!
    • Easy ways to STOP procrastinating
  1. How to get more done by doing less, including:
    • Why quitting things is important
    • The thirteen things you need to quit, including a big look at important things to quit like:
      • Producing a large product range (and why a narrow product range is better)
      • Selling so cheaply (and why higher prices help you sell more)
    • Specific tasks and projects you should totally stop doing
    • Practical tips on quitting things, because most of us don’t like to stop doing stuff!
  1. How to change the way you do your tasks to make them quicker, including:
    • A fabulous method to help you find better ways to do time consuming stuff
    • Using technology
    • Hiring help (even just a teeny amount)
    • How to make quicker decisions

And we wrap up with a growing selection of other useful bits and bobs!

I am sure you will LOVE it, but if you have any questions just email me Julia {at} and I’ll get straight back to you. EASY!

Have a fabulous day


PS: If you buy the Guide and don’t get an email from us immediately please let me know (Julia {at} . Sometimes hotmail eats our emails before they get to you. Grrrr!



4 reviews for How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Layla Roberts

    This guide is amazing! As a personal concierge business owner, I am already super organised, but this guide goes so much further than that. Time is the most valuable asset we have these days, and this guide will help you stretch it further. It helps you stay on track, be so much more productive, make good decisions quicker, and prioritise business as well as personal items on your to-do-lists. I love the way Julia makes it all so easy to understand, remember and put into practice. There is so much great content, it is hard to do it justice here. In summary, it helps you get more done, thus growing your business quicker. And even non-business owners will find it incredibly helpful if they are struggling to manage their time.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I will start with just one think: I am really stingy person, I think hundred times before I spend money- especially on online course
    and this time it wasn’t different. But I needed a magic wand for my procrastination because it literary ruining my life. And this guide gave me so much more!! it is only a week but I am different person, my business changed so much over one week that I can’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe how much I did over this week, it usually take me like a month to do this amount of work because I procrastinate like ALL THE TIME. I still have lot of work to do (and I mean like on myself, my procrastination and organization) but this are the best spend money on a course! And don’t get me wrong, you would not find here a magic wand after all- but so much more if only you would willing to work on yourself!!
    My hubby know me, he ask exactly today: And how about this Business of one? was it a well spend money?
    So that’s why I decide to write a review (I never do actually because English isn’t mine first language and I am always afraid of my spelling) because I could honestly say it was The Best spend money on my business from a long time and I actually would pay more. And saying that I just realized that I need to make a note- even when English isn’t my first language I didn’t had any problems to understand everything.
    Thank you Julie!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I run on an incredibly tight budget and don’t often invest in myself by purchasing a course or guide. I want to mention that because if you are at all like me, I can assure you this is one you don’t want to be without – with all the content and quality, it’s a bargain! Whether you are running a business-business, hobby type business or are a modern woman trying to juggle her work and family life, this guide is literally *perfect*. The video format is so very easy to make time for in my busy day, I can listen to it while I am tidying or when I am having a cup of tea. I struggle a lot with anxiety coupled with procrastination and crippling perfectionism – this guide has empowered me again and over the past couple of days I have already seen a difference in my mindset and life. Julia is positive and shows you how to create simple practices that change your daily life and gives you back self-belief and the knowledge that you *CAN* do this! In short, it’s blooming fantastic…Julia is your fairy Godmother and using her simple methods, your business dreams can become a reality! Thank you Julia, I am so very grateful xxx

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Okay, confession time, I am a big fan of Julia already. I love her blog posts and productivity tips, have participated in the 100 Day goals and have started on the Healthy Income Program. Not 100% successfully completed (YET) I might add, but the FB group is a lovely practical group of peers to draw from, I just like to be a part of it. I almost hesitated buying the guide because I’ve combed through lots of her brilliant tips before and I follow some of them. But I hit a bit of a “blah” patch and I really needed a Spring clean of my systems and processes. The “How to get it all done when you’re a business of one” guide is the whole package from start to finish to get your brain in gear, your systems in place so you can really be the best solo-business/tiny business owner you can be. It’s AUDIO, which makes you feel like you’re having you’re own personal coaching session. Plus there are lots of sheets and notes to print out to keep as your workbook. I have tried other networking groups and read lots of other biz books, e-books, audio guides and blogs, but this is the total package. All the great stuff about being effective as you can be for those who live in the REAL world where mess ups, interruptions and life happens. No woo-woo. Just sensible, practical plans to make and follow. I’m so pleased I went ahead and bought the guide. I couldn’t stop listening. Seriously. I’m really excited again, and I just know I’m on track…..and that feeling is priceless.

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