25 Fabulous and Fun questions

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Fancy doing something FUN? This is just a SUPER thing to do. Especially if you need a little pick-me-up or a spring clean.

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You can do this about your business or your life or both. But if you want it to REALLY work (and when you’ve done it you’ll see what that means) you have to write your answers down. True!

Write down ONE thing you are:

1. Super proud that you’ve done

2. Needing more of

3. Needing to know

4. Wishing you’d started already

5. Planning to get better at

6. Going to stop doing

7. Reading

8. Amazed that you’ve done

9. Delighted you’ve created

10. Enjoying

11. Happy you’ve learned

12. Wasting

13. Looking forward too

14. Needing to replace

15. Needing to buy

16. Waiting for

17. Happy about

18. Wondering

19. Proud you’ve stopped doing

20. Feeling brave about

21. Anxious about

22. Hoping for

23. Proud you’ve done for the first time

24. Noticing

25. Going to go and do right now


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2 Comments on "25 Fabulous and Fun questions"

  1. Playfull Genie September 3, 2013 at 8:27 pm · Reply

    Oh I LOVE this list … off to grab a cuppa and make my list. Feeling super-inspired : thank you!

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