Your weekly guide to GOOD reads for small businesses #29

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Here you go! This week’s GOOD reads (+a FAB reader tip) for small businesses!

Sweet stuff for small business

1 Do you need a bit of motivation?! I loved this video! It’s 9 minutes long and some bits are better than others but it’s certainly worth a look.

2 “What happens when a freelancer gets sick?!” This happens and it’s good to be a (bit) prepared!

3 Oh gosh. Are some of your friends Negative-Nancies who make you feel a bit down about your business?! Yes?! Read THIS!

4 A FAB read on the Busy Trap!

5 Thirteen interesting Instagram tips! (Are we connected on Insta? If not, we should be! You can find me here!) Plus  – see below –  a fabulous READER tip!

6 Loved this on the cost of handmade!

Reader TIP!

Here’s a FAB Instagram tip from Jo Alexander Wynne of Short & Sweet Photography

“I just wanted to share a little trick I’ve discovered! I have recently set up iCal properly to manage my bookings and to do lists etc, but have just realised, that if I post an appointment, and put a photo in the attachment, I am able to download it on any of my devices!! This morning I have made a heap of “Instagram appointments” and attached a photo to each. I’ve also set a reminder for each, so when my alarm goes off, I can download the attachment, save it to my phone and upload to Instagram – even if i’m out and about!! Ensures all photos are edited and cropped correctly – and watermarked!!! I’m loving the scheduled posts for FB so much, and wanted the same sort of thing for Instagram, but didn’t want to pay…”

Have you got a tip? Tell us here (or in the comments) and we’ll share it!

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