How to get stuff done, be more successful, get your emails read and be grateful that you’re not in the mobile food business!

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. Enjoy x.


How do you get your email’s read? If you need to get in touch with someone you don’t know – or barely know – and have to do it by email, do you get that sinking feeling that the recipient will never even read it? Jason Freedman wrote these tips with the help of his mate who has 1700 unopened emails in his inbox! And don’t be put off, while the article talks about getting emails opened by ‘investors’ it applies to everyone that you’re approaching for business.

Is there something you want to get happening in your business but it keeps, er, slipping off the to-do list? Here’s some fabulously simple advice from Dumb Little Man that you can apply to anything.

Wow if there was one thing you could do to be much more successful, would you do it? Of course! Of course! What if it was just to listen more? Here’s an article which explains why we’re so bad at listening and how we can get really good at it. I’ve spent the week practising on my kids. It works.

These five tips on how Barack Obama gets things done are surprisingly doable and fabulous, even if you’re not a President. The only one I struggle with is the idea that we should limit our wardrobes so we don’t have to decide what to wear. Where’s the fun in that?!

Finally do you ever wonder about how other businesses work? Or think you’ve chosen a particularly tough business to be in? Then read this article and breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not in the mobile food business!  

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