Tips for perfectionists, common sense for Facebook marketers, coping with criticism and a spot of stress relief

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. Enjoy x.



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Are you good at getting on with stuff or do you get stuck in the preparation.?Just the title “Are you still colouring in the title page?” was enough to make me feel a tad guilty. I’ve always struggled to ‘‘begin before I am ready” but, sigh, I know it makes sense. Some good tips here for the perfectionist.

If you’re not heavily into using Facebook to market your business, you can feel smug and move right along to the next article. If you’re staying to read, bypass the title and soak in this completely common sense advice.

How do you feel when someone criticises your business, your product or you? Sick? Devastated? Angry? Here’s an honest and practical guide to dealing with the dreaded criticism. [Ok, so there’s a bit of a theme today around articles titled for writers, but this piece is perfect for all of us who have ever been, damn it, criticised.]

Here’s a great blog post on the gritty business of sponsorship and advertising on, um, blogs. Everyone’s entitled to their own views, of course, but the tricky thing is deciding what those views actually are.

Finally, here are 15 stress relieving yoga moves which you can do at your desk, or kitchen table. Perfect, methinks, for our ‘makers’ and ‘retailers’ who are burning the midnight oil so that we can buy our Christmas gifts. Oh yes, and who’s joining me in buying as much as possible from a small business this yuletide?

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