Your weekly guide to GOOD reads for small businesses #16

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Here you go! This week’s GOOD reads for small businesses!

Small business

1 I love this about working with constraints as most of us are constrained by a few things (y’know, like time and money….)

2 Nine things successful people do differently. How many do YOU do?!

3 D’you remember the ‘six-super-nice-ways-to-persuade a customer to buy’ blog from a few weeks ago? Well here’s a clever little way that YOU can create a bit of urgency NICELY! Great to use if you have a limited time sale or something similar!

4 A super-fabulous question about what you’re working on right NOW!

5 Just something on silence, which I definitely need more of! How about YOU?!

6 You don’t have time for THAT! A nice little read!

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