How to get customers through the checkout, how to hear more complaints, the simplest way to make blogging easy, and how to get your creative mojo back.

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. Enjoy x


Do you hear enough complaints? Have you got broad enough shoulders to hear more? The opening story of this article is so funny and clever. Even if you’re short on time this week read Jimmy’s story.

Ever feel at a disadvantagebecause you are a newish business with no track record? Think again. The boffins at Harvard have discovered that people are much more impressed by our potential than by our track record! Who knew?! This article tells it all – including how you can use this info in, of all things, Facebook ads.

Are you an online retailer? Here’s an article that shows you *picture by picture* how the ASOS checkout process persuades you to buy the stuff, not just load the shopping trolley! Do you have abandoned-cart-syndrome? Here author  Paul Rouke show you how ASOS persuaded 50% more customers to check out. Are you an ASOS customer? Has it worked on you?!

Do you write a blog? Did you start and then, um, run out of things to say? This fabulous little article from Sean D’Souza shows you how to make writing a blog easy. And if you’re not a writer? Well the same principle works for pretty well everything that you need to do regularly and would like to do effortlessly!

Have you lost your creative mojo?Was it easier to be imaginative when you weren’t trying to make money out of it? Has your business become all work and no play? Here are some simple tips for getting your creativity zooming back.

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