How to manage your time, persuade people, get back into a good mood, sell stuff and sleep.

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Here’s this week’s collection of articles from around the traps. We pick articles which we think will help you make a healthy income, work a little more productively or just inspire you to ‘get on with it’! Enjoy x.

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1. I’m not a huge fan of salesman and ‘sales techniques’ but we all do selling in one way or another and, well, I found this so interesting that you might too. I think if you did this in your own style you could use it find out what your potential customers are thinking and, you never know, it may even work!


2. So this article was written to help people with ADHD manage their time but the ten tips are fabulous for all of us. And who’d not, at one time or another, embarked on a one hour task and faffed around until it took five?!


3. There’s a fabulous book by Robert Cialdini called “Influence: the psychology of persuasion” all about how to get people to do things that are in their own best interest and that also benefit you. Like buying your stuff and supporting your business. If you don’t have time to read the book this article has 21 principles of persuasion to get you started!


4. Anyone who’s had a baby that doesn’t sleep (yawn) knows this is true. Sleep is more important than food. But don’t we still burn the candle at both ends in the name of getting stuff done? This article might help us think twice about doing it!


5. Finally here are four tips for getting yourself back into a good mood. Well we all have those days don’t we!


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