Time management, when things go wrong, exercise, being your best online and taking a break

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Here’s this week’s collection of articles from around the traps. We pick articles which we think will help you make a healthy income, work a little more productively or just inspire you to ‘get on with it’! Enjoy x.

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Here’s another article about time management. I popped my new routine on the Daily Juice this week but thought I’d share this one as I don’t think you can ever have too many tips. And anyway, what suits me might not suit you.

Some businesses, projects, products, and ideas, ……just don’t work. Here’s a fabulous article about how to deal with it when it happens. And if it worked for JK  “Rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which I rebuilt my life” Rowling, I reckon it can work – in a modest way –  for us!

How do you go about fitting exercise into that miniscule gap between business and family? Here are some great tips for making it easy-ish. Turns out I’m an early morning walk in the park alone person. Which are you?!

One of the ironic things about being a small online business is that we can forget to behave like, er, a small business. This terrific article, using lessons from  – depending on which country you live in – a liquor store/off license/bottle shop, is a great reminder of how we can be our best online.

Two years ago I had my fourth child. Given I’d done the newborn thing three times before I thought number four would be a breeze. I didn’t even think about taking a maternity break from my business.  Let’s just say that when my daughter was eight weeks old and I could barely access my brain cells I realised that perhaps I had made a mistake. If you happen to know an expectant Mum, maybe pass her this article.

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