Found! Feedback, productive hours and GRIT!

February 11, 2014, No Comments

[caption id="attachment_1883" align="alignnone" width="349"] Productivity tips![/caption] 1. I love this about using YOUR most productive hours to get stuff done. I’m a morning person and...

Found! Tips on getting stuff done, staying creative, doing nothing and more!

February 4, 2014, No Comments

1. Here’s a FUN little selection of tips for getting more done. 2. Is it too late for a few New Year Business Resolutions?! Probably...

Found! Bits and bobs on getting more done and getting stuff sold

January 29, 2014, No Comments

1. Hmm. What to do if people aren’t buying your stuff? Sell it to a different audience! Clever little story here. 2. Here is a...

Five Fab Finds!

January 20, 2014, No Comments

Found! Stuff on working for free, being more productive, doing less, cleaning your inbox and exercise! 1. Ever find yourself working for FREE?! Watch this....


January 14, 2014, No Comments

  Found! Useful stuff on failure (oops!), mornings (Zzz), self-sabotage (ouch!), and stories from Babycakes and Green Bean. 1. Loving this interview with the founder...

Five of the BEST from 2013!

December 16, 2013, No Comments

Here’s the first of two “Best of 2013” must reads from our Scrapbook! 1. Do you say ‘yes’ to too many things? Not sure how...

Five SUPER bits and bobs

December 9, 2013, No Comments

Need a push?! Some FAB motivational bits and bobs today..... 1. Oh My! I loved this! I know it looks like it’s about sport, but...

Five more must reads!

December 2, 2013, No Comments

1. Do you just keep working, working. working?! Here’s why you’ll get MORE done if you work-rest-work. I fancy the Latin solution! Do you?! 2....

Tips and bits

December 1, 2013, No Comments


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