The 100 Day Goal, this is what THEY did…..

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If you’ve not done the 100 Day Goal before you should really give it a go! Every one who gives it a try gets something very extraordinary out of it. Have a quick read of these snippets, and you’ll see why!

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“I have absolutely nailed this and cannot believe how much I am achieving. My business has done a complete 180!”

“I’m about to turn 50 and this 100 Day Goal has completely turned my life around”

“My goal was to double my clients and income. I reached my goal by day 85! It’s been a wonderful motivation and I’ve learnt many things…about business and about myself! I will keep working and planning like I have been, setting new goals and making small positive steps everyday to keep my business successful”

“It’s been a fantastic 100 days, my goal was to double the number of orders that I got this same time period last year and I smashed it!”

“I set myself a sales target this time. It was very useful to have something easily measurable and it was very easy to track the numbers. After reading something from Julia I set myself quite a challenge by doubling the sales figure that I’d made this time last year, and then following her advice I stretched it a bit further. I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t think I’d make it. However, having the target as a reminder, tracking the figures as I went along, and trying out new ideas suggested has meant that 2 weeks from the end of the goal, I achieved what I thought was unachievable!”

“I aimed very high and it has paid off I couldn’t imagine not doing the 100 day challenge because it keeps me focussed on what I need to do without getting too distracted.”

“This is the 4th time that I’ve done the 100 Day Goal, and I am now so committed to having a plan at the beginning and completing daily actions. I’ve increased my revenue by almost three times as much over this same period last year.”

“This has been a brilliant 100 days – I have learnt so much! I really didn’t know which way to go with my photography at the start of the year and this process has given me focus and direction!”


“I suffer with many issues but one of them is Chronic fatigue.. I spend hours in bed and never feel rested. If I am awake all day I have to sleep the next. It was a big step taking this challenge, I was prepared for my goal to take 200 days due to my ailments. But the 100 Day Goal has cast a spell on me! You see I started off with the best of intentions, but fully expecting to get maybe one week in, finding it too much and then slowly fizzling into the background. But! I’ve worked every day solid and I’ve done a minimum of 2 hours work a day upto a massive 8 hour day.! Unheard of! And when I plan a day off to rest.. I rest.. Then at daft o’clock in the evening I ‘goto work’ . I am absolutely gobsmacked at the concept and support that’s happened to keep me going day to day… I’m under a spell!”


“I am so grateful for the encouraging 100 Day Goal. My Mum has been in hospital and most days I can only do the 100 day microactions I have set. But you know what ,with all the mire that is going on I feel a sense of peace, calm and stability, and most of all I feel I am achieving something.”


“I just love the 100 day goal system. So simple but so effective! It helps me focus on the importance of all the little things that I can do to move forward in my business. Instead of just ‘getting the work done’ my attitude has shifted to ‘How can I help myself and my business be EVEN BETTER!’. It’s refreshing and exciting, and I just love seeing what comes out of each round of 100 days! (It’s always bigger and better than I dreamed it would be!)”


“This whole concept is so worthwhile…I have found so much motivation, the 100 goals came along at a perfect time and in a week I feel so different and ready to tackle my goals”

“It helps me not only goal-set, but makes it possible to get there without that feeling of overwhelm!”

“This is my second round of the 100 day goal. I honestly believe that I would not be where I am today without the focus that actually writing down the 100 micro-actions gave me. The daily reminders and support from the Facebook group also provides me the positive pressure needed to keep going!


“The 100 day goal saw me completely change direction and embrace what I should have done years ago.”

“I remembered something Julia said in one of the first emails on this journey. She said…’your goals may change along the way and that is fine.’ Well mine certainly did! My original 100 Day Goal was to learn a volume of music, but it changed to ending my unhealthy marriage. It’s been incredibly challenging but I believe I’ve reached a tremendous milestone that was set forth in motion with the 100 Day Goal.”


“My goal and problems were massive – I have Lyme Disease and was degenerating badly, plus I was running a Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa that was only 2yrs old, and struggling after having to remove my business partner a year in. My goal was simple ‘Breakthrough in success, health and happiness’ – I was literally sick of slow growth and slow improvement. I wrote the micro-actions and they helped to make sure that when it came to the business decisions I only did things that would get us onto safer ground, which slowly but surely it did over the 100 days. How I was going to improve health wise, I just didn’t know. But I knew the concept of focussing on the what, not the how, so every morning and evening I looked at my little card in my bathroom cabinet and told myself I was going to have a breakthrough. Miraculously a month ago it happened!”

🌸 And it even works for sceptics!🌸

“When I started this challenge I thought it was going to be ridiculous and wasn’t going to change anything. I`ve done personal growth for year and never made any progress. It all changed in the last 100 Days. One of my goals was personal and when I started I thought I was crazy to add it to this challenge and that I would never actually reach it. Not only did I fully achieve the goal, I went over and beyond my goal. I changed physical habits, financial habits and career habits. I got the wedding of my dreams, bought my husband and I a new car, and got a new job in a career field that feels like the perfect fit for me. “

We’d love you to join us! It’s all FREE and starts again on 1 September.

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