How to get customers to pay plus five more Must Reads

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. Enjoy x.


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This one is quite a story! Four years ago Alli Webb was a one-woman-blow-drying-band and now she has 23 salons. Read about how she did it and if you’ve got similar, or even more modest aspirations, don’t miss the part where Alli talks about the “replicable formula”. It’s all here.

Last week’s links-we-love included a tip on networking and this article’s got another seven. Definitely worth a read because it’s full of little gems you can use right now. I especially love the tip about sharing a memorable fact. What’s yours?

I can’t resist an article that’s titled “A work-life balance. 8 steps to help you juggle it all” and this one doesn’t disappoint. The tips here aren’t new but they are a fabulous reminder of simple actions that make a big difference. My favourite is remembering to say “no”!

Do you struggle to get you customers to pay you on time? Here are three witty little tips. Certainly worth a try!

How’s your memory? I thought having four children had wrecked mine, but maybe not. Here’s a great article on how the brain works, why we forget stuff and some tips on best ways to learn.

And Finally. Are any of you 5-9ers? Maybe you are but don’t know it. Here’s a clue, lots of Business Mums are ‘5-7, 9-3. 8-10’ers! Put that way, both sound exhausting…..

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