A Girl Scout’s tip to selling more, a script for landing free PR, why Groupon-style discounts don’t work and the four word phrase that does

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. Enjoy x


Want to sell more? Of course! Of course!  Well here’s a surprisingly good tip from – would you believe it  – a Girl Scout. It’s scientifically proven and plays on our subconscious brain. But not in an evil way.Think Good Witch.

How do you turn your brain-wave product into the real thing when you know zilch about industrial design and manufacturing? Here’s one guy’s fabulously unglamorous story about the journey from Google search, to jumping on planes and um, getting up at 5am to pack product.

Who wants to land some free PR? Here’s a script you can use today to get stories in the media. The author is  Cameron Herold  a guy who just happened to use this tool to grow a business from $2million to $105million in 6 years. Righty o!

Thinking of expanding your range? Before you do, take a look at this video because too much choice can literally frighten customers. The video is 16 mins long and totally enjoyable but if you’re short of time (and who’s not?) just watch from the 2:20 minute mark to the 4:00 mins to get the point and a fabulous story.

You want customers and customers want cheap. So how about getting customers in with a Groupon-type deal? No, no, no. This article explains it all.

And if that hasn’t got you to stop discounting, maybe this little story will. It’s clever, simple and has an idea in it that even the smallest kitchen-table business can use.

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