A collection of bits+bobs about the Healthy Income Program

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Healthy Income program

Hello gorgeous!

Here’s an index of the bits + bobs about the Healthy Income Program. I thought it might be useful to have them all in ONE place!

1. There’s lots of info about what’s in the program in the FREE Healthy Income Class. [I also did a short chat about how to make a Healthy Income including some info about the program. You can watch it HERE.]

2. If you’re wondering ‘Is the Healthy Income Program right for me?’, this should help you decide!

3. If you’d like to know what it’s REALLY like doing the Healthy Income Program here are some of our members chatting to YOU about their experience!

4. A while ago somebody asked on Facebook to hear from people who are already doing the Healthy Income Program. Here’s what a few of our members said!

5. And here’s what some of our members said earlier!

6. You can meet a group of our lovely Healthy Income Program members here!

7. And here’s the main info page  with lots of stuff about the Healthy Income Program

8. If you fancy joining us you can! There’s a pay-by-the-month option HERE and a save-and-pay-for-the-year HERE (plus with that one you get immediate access to ALL the content! Hurrah!)!

That’s IT! If you’ve got any more questions just email me [Julia AT TheBusinessBakery.com.au] or use this form!



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