Is the Healthy Income Program right for ME?!

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A year from now you will WISH you


Thanks for popping by!

I know it’s tricky to work out whether an online course is for you so I’ve popped this together to help.  (I’m also super-happy to answer ANY questions. Just pop them on this form here or email me julia[at]

Is the Healthy Income Program right for me?!

1. The Healthy Income Program is fabulous if you’re  SERIOUS about wanting to make a proper income from your business and create a lovely livelihood.

2. There IS a bit of work involved! But not TOO much. It works out at about an hour a week. Maybe a teeny bit more occasionally but we have catch up weeks too!

3. Twice a week we send you an email with the links to the ‘work’ (Recipes to do! Notes to read! Worksheets to complete!). We call these emails “Cookalongs”. You DON’T have to complete each Cookalong as soon as you get it. Some of our members save them up and do them all at once (when they’ve got some free time!)

4. Here’s a thing! We send the Cookalong emails twice a week so you remember you’re in the program! Did you know most people who sign up to programs and get all the ‘work’ handed to them at the start, don’t do ANY of it? Indeed! And that they even forget they’ve signed up! We send you emails twice a week so that you DON’T forget! We want you to do the work because we want you to have a happy healthy business!

5. The whole Healthy Income Program runs for a year. But you don’t have to stay in it for that long if you don’t want to! You can cancel at ANY time. Most people stay with us but a few have left (mostly because they’ve had new babies and gotten VERY busy!)

6. We don’t ask you to pay for the program all up front because we know that you might not have that much cash right now! But we do offer a discount if you want to pay for the year today. Details are here, just use the password “Fabulous”.

7. We have a very fabulous secret Facebook group for the program. Oh goodness – they are just the BEST group of people EVER!  It’s a great place to ask questions and meet other people like YOU! It’s all super-secret so you can ask stuff without your friends, customers or competitors knowing. If you’re not keen on Facebook that’s totally fine: you don’t need to be in the Facebook group, it’s just extra fun and useful. All the work comes to you via email so you won’t miss any of the program.

8. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. The program works everywhere!

9. We have lots of different types of business in the program including Cake makers, Haberdashers, Dressmakers (mainly children’s clothes), Handcrafted Toys, Handcrafted beauty products, Handcrafted quilts and keepsakes, Stationery designers, Music and singing teachers, Beauticians, Online retailers of children’s clothes, Online boutique stationery retailers, Online boutique toy retailers, Photographers, Vintage retailers, Jewellery makers, Interior designers, Graphic designers, Alternative health practitioners, Wedding planners, Furniture restorers, and Bespoke furniture makers! And I’m sure I’ve missed a few!

10. If you get stuck, or just need some help, you can email me. I’m also super-happy to have a freebie one on one chat with you on Skype. I can’t promise to speak to everyone as there’s way too many people in the program to do that. But, but, but, my totally FAVE thing is a cuppa and a chat and a bit of helping. And I miss it ‘cos I don’t do so much these days! SO, if I can help you individually, I WILL.

11. If you take the time, do the work and take every Cookalong seriously your business WILL make you a Healthy Income! In fact the program will pay for itself many times over! YAY!

12. Fun Tax Fact – the Healthy Income Program is tax deductible! Hurrah!

I think that’s IT! If you’ve got any more questions just email me or use this form!

Have a lovely day!

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