Free! A Healthy Income Class!

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I’m running a little Healthy Income Class! Fancy joining us? Just go here to register. It’s all free! Hurrah!

What’s in the class? See below!


The Health Income Class is packed with practical tips and super-doable techniques to help you make a good profit from your small or solo business.  I’ve spread the Class across four little videos to make it easier to find the time to watch. Each video is about 15/20 minutes long.

In the first video I talk about what a Healthy Income is, how you work out what you’d like yours to be, and – eek – how yours is looking right now!

In the second video I talk about how to find your Raising Agent – that thing which makes you super special. I have a lovely little technique to help you with this!

In the third video I talk about pricing. Not so much how to calculate your price, but rather some special tips and tricks to help you raise your prices without losing customers!

In the fourth and final video I talk about how to be more efficient and effective with your time! LOTS of tips here!

The Healthy Income Class is based on the Healthy Income Program. More on that here.

Hope you enjoy the class,  just register here and you’ll get an email from me with the access details.


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3 Comments on "Free! A Healthy Income Class!"

  1. Helen April 13, 2015 at 8:44 am · Reply

    I’m sorry to be so thick but I have signed up for your emails but can’t seem to play anything.
    You say they are free but you are asking for $45 so they aren’t free.

    I am so disappointed as I really needed them to be free.

    • Julia Bickerstaff April 13, 2015 at 8:51 am · Reply

      Hi Helen. The class IS free! All FREE! Did you get the emails from me with the passwords? There are four videos in total and every one of them is free. If you’re having problem accessing them just reply to one of the emails I sent you and I’ll take a look. Or you can email me Julia[@]

      PS The program is $45 and that’s a different thing!

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