Want to know what it feels like INSIDE the Healthy Income Program?!

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I’m sure you want to know what it’s REALLY like doing the Healthy Income Program so here are some of our members chatting to YOU about their experience!

Thank you gorgeous Kristy,  Katy Kassian, Pamela Jordan, Kathleen Connell, Layla Roberts, Nicole Hammett, Katie Holland, Jane Hill, Gemma Horwath, Alexandra Kitchener, Rachel Berry, Amy McEntee, Fiona Hague and Victoria Maus for the chat!

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“You get what you put in and can I say, it is hard work but so worth it! I love Julia’s style and the balance of critical number crunching, business process and marketing is oh so perfect! This course isn’t just another airy fairy “how to build a successful business” it really drills down to every detail and covers all the critical areas. I’m a experienced marketer and I’m learning everyday!”

“Julia you rock! There are so many cowboys out there but you are the real deal! One very talented lady! Don’t change a thing, your course is truly unique and so valuable for any business…new or established!”

“The camaraderie makes me feel less isolated as we are 45 miles from town. I have learned that it’s OK to not have numbers that are set in stone and that there’s nothing wrong with change. I have found invaluable advice in our group on everything from tactfully ( a weak spot ) dealing with unruly customers, to overcoming shyness to break the ice.”

“If you have a great desire / hunger to succeed, and the will to do the work involved, and you love seeing/helping others to succeed, then this program will work for you. It will transform your life. It’s a significant personal transformation journey. It takes a lot of work and being baldly honest with yourself. And… it’s a lot of fun. The Facebook group is special. Feels as though we’re all backing each other to succeed. We all know just how hard it is on our own and this group lessons that feeling of isolation. So, It’s like having business partners just a Fb message or post away.”

“The Facebook group is a positive, non judgemental group. People feel comfortable to put their small and large questions and toss answers around. It’s a fun and constructive place. It helps you feel you are not on your own when those biz problems, questions and whinges arise and join the celebrations. It’s world wide and you learn from others.”

The cost may be $45 per month, but as Mastercard say, the value is priceless. The course itself is great, really easy to understand and I learnt so much, but this group is the icing on the cake for me. There is so much support and knowledge. I love how we all help each other and brainstorm ideas off each other. Some days you just want someone who understands, and this group has it in buckets! My company took an upturn last April. I don’t think it is any coincidence that I had start the course just a few months earlier. I cannot thank Julia, and the members of this group, enough.”

“The group itself is so supportive (not even including the awesome content you receive), everyone is here to support and build each other up and really want to see each other succeed.”

“I’m really far behind (I’m just starting the business recipe section) but already I’m more focussed, I have a big goal and some little ones. Baby steps! I love this group”

“I love this group. I am a member of several ‘business growth’ style groups, some paid and some free, but I have found that the majority end up full of advertising from the members … this super group on the other hand is all about support, advice and a safe place to ask questions. I look forward to my quiet time and coming here to catch up with what everyone is up to.”

“The course has made me see my business as just that, a business. I have gained focus, drive and the ability to prioritise effectively which in turn is taking my business forward. Julia is brilliantly approachable and is happy to answer any questions that arise. The Facebook group is a wonderful and unexpected bonus. Working for yourself and by yourself can be isolating. I try not to go on about my business to friends too much so the group is an invaluable source of help, support and encouragement. Thanks to you all xxx”

“The Business Recipe (there was an aha moment at the end ) put everything into perspective for me and made me more conscious going forward what changes I need to make. I’m in the process of doing my time sheets at the moment and getting back to a ‘normal’ week of work and the cup/coffee/cocoa categorisation of my time showed how I spend it and what I was spending a lot of time on – there will be more changes ahead. As for the group here – it’s really helpful, supportive and lovely – I’ve joined other groups before here e.g. Chamber of Commerce, women’s lunch networking groups but felt a fish out of water as there were very few who had set up their own business and knew the issues, situations etc that I was having to deal with e.g. Facebook, google, and delivery charges! Thank you you for everything”

“Having a group of people who hold you up when you feel low and dust you off when you fall over is awesome.”

“I am delighted to be on the program now for 6 months. I use your organisation and home/work balancing strategies daily – setting the oven timer for a quick 5 minute whip around the house, and getting straight onto my priority list. My productivity has certainly increased, and I have been able to monetize my blog. Knowing how to price out work is tricky in a new space, thank you for the personal guidance in this area. 

The Business Bakery online community are open, encouraging, and like minded women who are great to bounce ideas off. I love interacting with the fellow ladies. This is a group of women who push each other to do better, encourage in the good times and are there for us when it gets tough. Just like friends really! So, cheers to friends in Business – Business Bakery Style!!”

“Even though most of the ladies in the group are creatives and I’m an accountant it’s surprising how many of the same types of issues we have so hats off to you for creating this lovely community. I also like that I can sometimes have some input and help people. It not only feels good but it reminds me that I do know some stuff and am learning more every day.”

“I still haven’t finished the program but I’ve got a lot out of what I have done so far!”

Julia just oozes common sense and in such an easy to hear kind of way.  A lot of what she says is so straight forward and sensible that I thought i knew it already but I am now focused on my business like never before.  I have income goals and I know what i need to do to achieve them I was always quite good at having ideas but now I write them in lists AND action them.  I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore – well not very often and I know I will find solutions to problems.

“Julia is such an inspiration – I love her obsession with time management.  If she can achieve what she does with all her little children then I can too, I only have 2 and they are bigger and more independent

I am doing some “brave” things with my business that I thought I might do “someday” but its all happening now.

I am a total faffer by nature and can spend all day getting round to a thing.  I am much more organised and have a plan I still sneak back to my old ways – especially when there are hard things on my list but there’s a huge improvement.

The Facebook group are such a fabulous and supportive little family.  I feel genuinely pleased when someone shares a success and people offer such great reposes when problems are posted.  Working for yourself and by yourself can be a only place, the group always lifts my spirits and such a fabulous source of ideas.”

I was surprised by your level of involvement in the group to be honest! I wrongly assumed that you’d post occasionally and that would be it, but you really are the loveliest, most helpful lady. You’re great at valuing each person and their business and you really do care about our success, so your advice is always spot on. It’s always a pleasure to chat to you

I take my business more seriously! I’ve fallen behind in my cookalongs, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of improvements to come, but I’m better at telling everyone about what I do. I mean, if I don’t take myself seriously, why would a potential customer?! Before I was all “Oh I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I do a bit of sewing”. I’m also in the process of completely changing what I do too. I’m going to aim for a more niche market from now on, but before doing the programme I’d never have considered it. Now I firmly believe there’s no point in marketing yourself to everyone, have a USP and run with it.

This group has been awesome, my go to place for business advice. It’s great that they are people on varying stages of the programme, and with all kinds of business; everyone has their own unique perspective on things and can always offer an interesting opinion. It’s also a very respectful group (believe me, I’m on some awful ones) and everyone always has something positive to say or advice on how to turn something around. It’s also somewhere where I know I can post without anyone “borrowing” my ideas (again, I’m on some awful groups!).

Something that surprised me was how in-depth your program is, I love how you have structured it and how much more detailed are with your questions. Whilst you don’t have to spend lots of time answering the questions they give you lots to think about and I know I can come back and revisit much of the program as I work my way through. The other thing is that it all takes time and how far behind I’ve got and how quickly. Oh the bonus FB ads program was a nice surprise and I’m really looking forward to getting into it very soon!

When I knuckle down and do the exercises it helps me become more focused – my problem has been procrastination, fear and doubt (not sure in that order) so at times I think I’ve been avoiding doing some of the exercises. The group are incredibly supportive and even if I don’t have questions it’s been fabulous to read other peoples questions/problems and read/see the responses – that has been amazing. I love your program!

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