Tips on networking and giveaways, how to stop worrying and what to do when business is slow

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Here’s this week’s collection of articles from around the traps. We pick articles which we think will help you make a healthy income, work a little more productively or just inspire you to ‘get on with it’! Enjoy x.

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1. Have you ever met someone who should be perfect to work with but somehow you don’t seem to gel? Yes?! Read this article – maybe they are just a different style to you. I reckon I’m a nurturer (which explains a lot) which one are you?

2. Do you run giveaways? Lots of us do but with mixed success. Here are eight super-useful tips for making them work.

3. Are you a worrier? Here’s a good read written by a guy who was almost paralysed with worry that his business would fail. He worked out how to get over the worry with three great tips. My fave is number 2. It always works.

4. What do you do when business is slow? I love these five tips. This is the stuff you can never find when you need it so if you’re rushed off your feet now how about filing it away for when you’re not!

5. Finally this isn’t really business-y, but these tips are goodand numbers 3 and 4 are very applicable to business!

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