Get more done, think more creatively, sack a customer and be better online

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Here’s this week’s collection of articles from around the traps. We pick articles which we think will help you make a healthy income, work a little more productively or just inspire you to ‘get on with it’! Enjoy x.

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1.More tips on being super-productive. This time there are six. I’m pretty keen on number 2  – only doing what I do well – but am yet to master it. What about you?

2. Still not feeling productive? Then how about reading this “7 reasons you’re not as successful as you could be”? Sounds glum but it’s actually a fabulous read.

3. Need to think a little more creatively? Try squeezing your left hand. Weird, but apparently true. Hey, it’s free and easy so why not give it a try!

4. Do you have a bad customer? Someone really unpleasant? Here’s a great way to sack them. Yes sack them! You don’t have to deal with nasty types. Here’s a great sacking story we shared in the Daily Juice a while back!

5. Hmmm. Do you have a website? 60% of UK small businesses don’t. Seems that’s a mistake. Read about this, plus four other online oopsies we’re making here.

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