Feeling flat? Two ways to get your mojo back!

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Oh we all have those moments don’t we? When we feel a bit flat and iffy about our businesses. Just in case it happens to YOU – here are two fabulous little pick-me-ups! Feeling flat

feeling flat fb2
In need of a pick-me-up? Here are my two favourites.

1. The Smile File

I have a file – well two actually – where I keep a copy of everything nice that anyone has ever said about me or my business. I call it my Smile File and whenever my mojo goes missing I get a cup of tea and a biscuit and flick through it.

Fancy keeping a Smile File too? This is what to do:

1. I keep a digital Smile File and a paper one too.

2. I used to keep my digital Smile File as an email folder but now I have it as an Evernote notebook. Doesn’t matter what you use, just make it easy to ‘send’ things there.

3. Whenever I get a lovely email I send it to my Smile File, if someone pops a fabulous comment on Facebook or Twitter I copy it and send it in the Smile File. If I’ve featured in an online article I copy the whole thing (not just the URL) and whizz it into the Smile File. Seriously. Everything that’s any good goes in there!

4. I keep a (somewhat smaller) Smile File of paper things. Thank- you letters, print articles and any of that caboodle go in there.



The difference in winning and


2. The Good Things Jar

If you follow our Facebook page you’d have seen I shared this at the start of the year. It’s just so fabulous that again I have two! This time though it’s one for business and one for our family (Got kids? Mine love the family Good Things Jar)

  1. Get a big jar
  2. Get a label
  3. Write on the label “GOOD THINGS”
  4. Pop the jar on your desk or somewhere else handy
  5. Every time something GOOD happens in your write it on a scrap of paper, then fold the paper and pop it in your GOOD THINGS jar

good things jar

I use my business Good Things Jar for when I’ve done something that I’m proud of. It’s mostly not stuff that anyone else would give a fig about and I never let anyone look in the jar because some of it is so nerdy and personal.

Like what?

Can’t tell you.

Oh alright then.

I’ve put in milestones like the number of readers of this blog, every speaking event I’ve ever done, and every whole month of my 15 mile march. Think that’s dippy? They’re the big things! I’ve got teeny little accomplishments in there too. Why? It’s fun, it gives me more to browse through and hey, when you work for yourself it’s the only way of getting a pat on the back!

Oh yes, and if you’re going to do this, don’t wait until the end of the year to look in your jar. Don’t even wait till you’re feeling a bit gloomy. Sometimes I just randomly dip in, pull out a note and give myself a burst of energy by remembering a good thing.


How do you get your mojo back?!


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4 Comments on "Feeling flat? Two ways to get your mojo back!"

  1. Victoria February 26, 2014 at 7:46 am · Reply

    Sometimes when I feel a bit lost I take a break from planning and worrying and just let things happen.
    I normally get my mojo back in a few weeks. I am still in the beginning stages so at the moment I am a little unsure if my business is viable – I still need a good marketing strategy!

    • Julia Bickerstaff February 26, 2014 at 8:14 pm · Reply

      Hi Joan – I think it’s a GREAT idea to take a bit of a break. Good luck with the business, don’t think any of us know whether our businesses will be viable until we give them a bloomin’ good try. Shout if there’s anything we can help you with x Julia

  2. Shell September 8, 2014 at 4:08 pm · Reply

    Thanks Julia, perfect timing to find this (& you) today. I had a pretty bad day yesterday that has left us with some financial problems & everything family-wise taking much longer than usual. I’m completely flat & down about everything, business included…then watching social media come through from the artful business conference I’m pretty envious & feeling like I’m missing out! Mind you, with what happened yesterday there’s no way I could have gone anyway, so luckily I wasn’t! Off to start my evernote smile file right now 🙂

    • Julia Bickerstaff September 10, 2014 at 10:37 am · Reply

      Oh Michelle! I hope things get a LOT better for you, quickly! The smile file will help! Sending hugs x

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