Blogging for business – some tips and a very GOOD Blogging Course!

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Blogging for Business! YES!


Some of you have asked about Blogging for Business. In the sense of adding a blog to your business. I think it’s such a GOOD idea and really FUN too! But like most things, it’s not without effort! So here are some things to think about, a few tips and a couple of great resources.

10 reasons to write a Business Blog!

There are some very GOOD reasons to start a business blog. Here are ten of them!

Ten reasons to write a business blog

1.Blogging is a good way of adding fresh content to your website.

2.A blog drives traffic to your website.

3. Your blog gives customers great FREE info. And guess what?! When you’re generous and helpful people are more likely to buy from you!

4.A blog helps potential customers get to know and TRUST you. Look at this one from Clear Design Studio. I’d happily trust that Anya’s not going to rip me off after reading her blog. You too?!

5.You blog gives you something to pop into your newsletter that’s not sales-y (and newsletters help you keep in touch with customers so are a GOOD thing!)

6.Blogging gives you content to post on Facebook (and other social media) that’s interesting and attracts NEW customers.

7. Your blog provides a place to showcase how you make your product. Like this post from Joanouk Fine Art+ Prints which made me want to buy the picture!

8.Blogging is useful for SEO. (Writing useful, relevant stuff will improve your Google ranking for your search terms)

9.Blogging builds something YOU own. Popping all your content directly into, say, Facebook, might feel easier but as you know Facebook is inclined to change the rules. You’re better building your business on land you own (your website) rather than land your rent (Facebook, Instagram etc)

10. Blogging is FUN!

A few ACE business blogs:

Want to check out a couple of business-y blogs? Here are a few that I like:

  • This one from Blyss Chocolate is packed with stories and super-interesting info about the whole chocolate process!
  • This from Breckland Orchard tells the story of their Posh Pop business and has tons of general useful business-y stuff too!
  • Luk Beautifood sell natural make up made from food but look what a wide range of topics their blog covers!
  • This one from Spindrift Collections. I just love the photos!

The Blogging effort!

A little more persistence, a little more

The thing about blogging is that it’s not without effort so for example:

1.  You need to write it! Well, duh! But if you’ve not done much writing this can be harder than you think (tips below!)

2. You need to promote it! OK so I said above your blog can drive traffic to your website. And it can. But if you don’t promote it (or do clever SEO things) then it won’t just happen. Shame but true.

3. Blogging takes time. It does! So you need to kinda have a plan for HOW you’re going to blog and what you hope to get out of it.

Writing your blog TIPS!

A few blogging tips

I’ve been blogging at least weekly for about three years now. I really enjoy it but goodness it was hard at first! Here’s what I learned

1. Write a little bit every day. Writing takes practise. There’s no shortcut! You just gotta keep doing it! Write a little bit every day and it’ll get easier. Promise!

Your ‘voice’ will come. When you first re-read your blog posts they might not sound like you want them too! That’s OK! You just need to find your ‘voice’. I reckon that just comes with regular writing (see 1 above). I think you should just write like YOU.So don’t worry if you don’t sound like bloggers you admire. It’s YOUR business so you want your writing to reflect your pesronality. My best tip is to just. be. you.

3. Images are a FAB way of getting some fun and jolly into your blog posts!

4. Batching is bril. Although I think it’s good to write a little every day, batching is a great way of getting blogs done. It’s especially good if you’re having trouble finding your voice as you kinda get into the FLOW and the voice bit comes easier!

5. You need to think of things to SAY! When I started blogging I’d honestly get a brain freeze when I couldn’t think of anything to write! Now I keep a blog-idea list on Evernote.  Most of my  ideas come at inconvenient times, like when I’m driving, in the shower, or going for a walk. Does that happen to you TOO?!

6. Read lots. I totally think reading makes you a better writer. And it’s a great source of inspiration TOO!

Blogging course

I’ve done a few blogging courses. I take my blog pretty seriously so I wanted to make sure I was doing the RIGHT things! Two of my favourite courses are Blog With Pip (it’s not running at the mo’) and Elite Blog Academy.


Elite Blog Academy (EBA) has a special on right now (HURRAH!) and if you’re keen to swizz up your blogging you might like it! EBA was created by Ruth Soukup the  founder of uber-popular blog, Living Well Spending Less (Half a million Facebook fans, 120, 000 Pinterest followers….that kinda popular!)

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. Techie stuff – how to set your blog up etc. I didn’t really use this part of the course as I have an ACE techie team (who do all our super-complicated Healthy Income Program stuff) but I did read it and it all looked very doable!
  2. Content – FAB tips for creating good content and writing tips too! Plus how to create an editorial calendar. That was super useful!
  3. Presentation – LOVED this section. It’s all about getting your blog (or website) to look good and how to use images. There’s a ton of info about creating good visuals and FAB stuff about creating winning Pins (for Pinterest!)
  4. Growing your audience – This section is super-useful for everyone. Lots of great ideas and very practical tips for everything from guest posting to SEO
  5. Social Media – Ruth is the Queen of Pinterest. Look at her Living Well Spending Less Pinterest Page! And in this section she tells you EVERYTHING about how to master Pinterest yourself! Don’t pay too much attention to our Pinterest account – we’re still working through the work! She’s also got GREAT tips on Facebook and how she’s grown her page to over 500,000 Fans.
  6. Advertising – The next sections are all about getting an income through advertising. Even if you don’t fancy doing this there is some great business-y advice here!
  7. Affiliates – Here’s something you might want to THINK about! Selling your product/services through affiliates. It’s easier than it sounds!
  8. Products – some GOOD advice here about launching products and an a marketing plan with a difference!
  9. Working smarter not harder. You’ll know I LOVED this bit. Lots of good tips to make blogging fit into your life (or business) rather than consume you!

If you fancy doing Elite Blog Academy it’s open now but closes on Monday 21 April. It costs for $399 but is super-worth it! Tons more info HERE!

 ♡ YOU?! 

Do you write a blog? What’s it called? Fancy popping a link below?

PS  I’m doing a series about crafting a super-simple plan for your business! If you don’t want to miss it you can find it plus lots of other FAB stuff in our weekly FREE Snacks email!

PPS Occasionally my posts include affiliate links, but rarely. You see I’m SUPER fussy about products I promote and I say NO to most things. Sometimes, like today, I get the opportunity to get talk about something I use and love. And while I’d happily chat about this stuff for free, it makes sense for me to take a small fee as it helps support The Business Bakery. Mwah x


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10 Comments on "Blogging for business – some tips and a very GOOD Blogging Course!"

  1. Cindy Luken December 2, 2014 at 2:11 pm · Reply

    Awe shucks Julia…thanks for mentioning us as a FAVE. x

  2. Bron Levett December 4, 2014 at 11:17 am · Reply

    Hi Julie, I’ve been blogging since April this year! I aim for three times a week – most of the time it’s business and Australian tax related (after all I am “The Tax Chic”)…but sometimes it’s just about me and things I’ve been doing! Would love you to take a look! Regards, Bron xo

    • Bron Levett December 4, 2014 at 11:18 am · Reply

      PS This is what you get for typing on an iPad…Hope you can edit my comment to correct it to say JULIA!!

    • Julia Bickerstaff December 5, 2014 at 10:08 am · Reply

      Ooh at Tax-Chic-blogger-gal sounds FAB. Will check you out x

  3. Amy McEntee December 4, 2014 at 7:49 pm · Reply

    great tips and course info, thank you!

  4. Sabina June 1, 2015 at 11:54 am · Reply

    Hi Julia, I love your blogs and all the great tips you share. Thank you, thank you for sharing. I have just started blogging at Its not easy but hopefully i will get there. Many thanks again for great posts

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