#49 Part 2 of ‘A great way to prove you are, indeed, the expert’.

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couple of weeks ago (in blog #45)  I shared a video from Blyss Chocolate showing the
founder, Alyssa Jade McDonald giving a great explanation of the
different types of cacao bean which really  positioned herself, in a
very elegant way, as an expert.


I got lots of feedback on the blog post – everyone loved the Blyss video
and many of you wanted to do something like this yourselves. Alyssa Jade
has promised to put together a quick how-to (yippee) so I’ll keep you
posted on that.

A few of you mentioned that while you’d love to do a series of video’s
you don’t exactly relish the thought of being in front of the camera for
a Blyss style video, even though you know it would work a treat.

Julissa from New Work Photography wrote in saying “I’m a little camera-shy
(weird for a photographer, I know) but don’t mind videos that show what
we do”

I loved her video and thought I’d share it with you. It might inspire you with different ways to show your expertise.


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