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#55 Has your business stopped you doing the stuff you love?

August 5, 2012, No Comments

My father was in the RAF. He joined because he loved the thought of flying. As family legend has it, when he was a lad ...

#54 Funny little pricing tip that really works

August 2, 2012, No Comments

We can put a man on the moon, transplant a heart, discover the Higgs Boson particle, and be taken in by this funny litt ...

#53: Four questions to ask before you hire your first employee

July 30, 2012, No Comments

This article was originally posted over at Business Chicks When one becomes more How do you know when you need to hire y ...

#52 The simple way to outplay your competition

July 26, 2012, No Comments

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed by your competition? Wondered how you are going to outplay them? Wondered how y ...

#51 Pricing for wimps. Should I charge the same as my competitors

July 23, 2012, No Comments

This article was originally posted over at Flying Solo. Should I charge the same as my competitors? Previously we looked ...

#50 Four pricing lessons from Business Chicks!

July 19, 2012, No Comments

Lots of you are enjoying the real life pricing lessons, so here’s another….. I’m a premium member of Business ...

#49 Part 2 of ‘A great way to prove you are, indeed, the expert’.

July 16, 2012, No Comments

A couple of weeks ago (in blog #45)  I shared a video from Blyss Chocolate showing the founder, Alyssa Jade McDonald g ...

#48 Should I go into business with my friend? 4 things to think about.

July 12, 2012, No Comments

“Should I start a business with my friend?” Hmm, it’s a tricky question, but one definitely worth thinking seriou ...

Thought for the day ….’whether you think you can….’

July 10, 2012, No Comments

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