Small and Smart! How to make a Healthy Income from your small business

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Hello YOU from the Artful Business Conference! Thanks for popping over!

Here are some notes to remind you about what a Healthy Income is and how you can make one TOO!

Right now!

1.How many hours a week do you want to work?
2.What did you earn last year?

BIG questions

1.How many HOURS do you want to work?
2.How much do you want to EARN?
3.What WORK do you want to do?

Are you making these mistakes?

1. Are you pricing too low?
2. Are you not rigorous enough about finding customers?
3. Are you not valuing your time?
4. Are you being a perfectionist

Five things you can do TODAY to start making a Healthy Income

1. Work out your profit per hour (you can use this calculator)
2. Start keeping a timesheet
3. Put your prices up 10% (or read this which shows you what awful things happen when you put them down!)
4. Start keeping a Marketing Log
5. Start a STOP doing list

Ask yourself

1. Is this the most effective use of my time? Am I working on the RIGHT thing?
2. Am I being efficient? Am I doing this thing the best way?

Did you like THIS?!  Have you got some ideas for how you make YOUR business smarter! You can pop them in the comments or message me here.



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