Your weekly guide to GOOD reads for small businesses #31

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Here you go! This week’s GOOD reads for small businesses!

spend your money on the things that money can buy

1. Just LOVE this! The three lists you need to make before you start a new project (number three is TOPS!)

2. I think this tip: ‘What’s the smallest step I can do?’ is brilliant! Kinda like Microactions.

3. Why we get distracted! Oh this is FABULOUS! And on the point of regular journaling (to fix it!) Morning Pages does this super-well for me!

4. Eek! Could you lose all your social-media followers? And here: some good reasons why social media might not be working for you.

5. Some inspiration! One person businesses that are on their way to making $1 million (OK so there’s rather a lot of journalistic license in here, but still a good read!)

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