How to do one thing at a time, be more resilient, design a winning homepage, give your brain a rest and read 31 self help books in 4 mins

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles we’ve spotted which are good for business and fun to read. We pick articles which we think will help you make a healthy income, work a little more productively or just inspire you to ‘get on with it’! Enjoy x.

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Are you a multi-tasker? I am but I’m also trying to learn the *magic* of doing one thing at a time. I’m not there yet the but the intro and the last three points of this article are certainly helping.

Apparently (well according to neuroscience) to be productive and creative we need to give our brains a rest. But who’s got time for that?! Oh. I see. All of us. Here are three ways to do it.

We’re updating our website and I came across this fabulous article showcasing 15 brilliant (their words not mine) homepage designs. Scroll down to the images as the notes are really easy to understand and use.

Ugh! Things don’t always go according to plan. Here’s a great step-by-step plan to help you build resilience. The idea being that if things go pear shaped – with they surely will – you’ll be in fine form to not give up.

Finally, not got time to read?! Here are quick lessons from 31  – yes 31 – self help books. How lovely of someone to skinny them down for us! It’s worth a quick read because there are a few little gems in there.

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