Udemy courses for the 100 Day Goal!

Here’s a useful resource if not knowing how to do something is getting in the way of you working towards your 100 Day Goal!

an investment in knowledge

Udemy is an online marketplace for courses! It’s fabulous for courses around a specific and technical  ‘How to’.

There are courses on heaps of different things, such as:

How to use Trello (I love Trello and figured it out without a course but if you want to be a Master Trello-ist it might be useful!)

Easy Product Photography with your iPhone or Smartphone (Not so much this time round but last time in the 100 Day Goal we had LOTS of questions about how to take good product photographs)

Mastering Small Product & Jewelry Photography (Might be useful?)

The Complete WordPress Course – Build Your Own Website Today (If you’re DIYing this might be handy!)

How to Design a Logo – a Beginners Course (If you’re thinking about your own logo you could pick up some ideas here)

Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course. (I am a HUGE fan of Seth Godin and even though I’m not a freelancer I took this course!)

Udemy are running a special and from today until 22 January they’ve got lots of courses on sale for just $15! (Some of them usually retail for $200!)  Just click on the image below to head to the discounted ones!