The simplest and bestest ToDo list!

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Feeling a bit disorganized? Lists everywhere? Here’s how I’ve (finally) got a great little ToDo list happening. Might help you TOO!

a good system

I do quite like a list, and I’ve been known to make many, but when it comes to ToDos I think the best method is super simple.

So here’s what I do:

1.I use Trello for my ToDo lists. Have you tried it? It does LOTS of clever things (I wrote about it here a while ago) but it also make keeping a ToDo list super-easy.

2.I have a ToDo Board in Trello (‘Boards’ make more sense once you’ve seen what Trello looks like) which contains just two lists.

3.The first list in that board is my MASTER list. That’s where I pop everything I need to do. Everything! I let it be a complete muddle of business, kids and home. Some of you might not like that much but I really thinks it helps to have ONE complete list!

4.The other list in my ToDo Board is my TODAY list. So when I do my Plan Tomorrow Tonight I just move tasks from the MASTER list to the TODAY list. And that’s it! Sooooo simple!

5.When I’ve done a task I just delete it off the TODAY list. You might want to move them to a DONE list, and if so just create it as the third list in your ToDO Board. A DONE list is fabulous if you feel encouraged by seeing tasks ticked off!

6. If you’re inclined to use your email inbox as a bit of a ToDo list you can send the emails to your Trello board instead! This will help you get out of your inbox and all of the distractions that come with it. Good, yes?!

So there you have it, the most SIMPLE ToDo list in the world. It works like a dream for me. Maybe it will for you too!

Or you could just do this...

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