The price of suits, the cost of wedding dresses, taking a nap, million dollar pillows and more…..

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Here’s this week’s “Links we Love”  – a few articles from around the world which we think could help you weave a little more profitability into your business…….


1. How do you explain why your stuff costs more than other people’s? Well here’s a witty little idea. It’s about high-end men’s suits but could you do something similar?

2. Following hot on the heels of men’s suits, how about this look at the price of Wedding Dresses? Or more accurately – why they cost so much? There’s nothing like hearing about mark-ups and pricing in other industries to make you think a little more about your own.
3.This story about 
Anna Bond and her business Rifle Paper Co is very practical. From the first steps she took with her business through to the online store and then products placed in ‘real life’ shops.

4. Are you thinking about turning your hobby into a business? Kim Lavine’s story about turning her home-made pillows into a business which could support her family might just give you the kick you need.

5. Accomplish more by doing less? By having a nap? Sounds too good to be true, but apparently not. The details are here.


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