How to get something done that’s outstayed its welcome on your to-do list!

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Here’s a tip for when you just can’t seem to get going on something!

This works really well for me when there’s something I know I SHOULD do, that I’d like done, that needs to be done, that’s useful…..that, sigh, is on my to do list but just isn’t getting done!

Does that ever happen to you?! Here’s what I do when it does:

1. Get a blank piece of paper

2. Draw a line down the middle and head up the two columns “Don’t know HOW to” and “Don’t WANT to”

3. Under the “Don’t know HOW to” heading write down all the bits of the task or project that you don’t know how to do. There’s always something and often it’s worrying about HOW we’re going to do one small part of the BIG task that stops us doing any of it!

4. Under the heading “Don’t WANT to” write down all the bits of the project that you just don’t want to do or can’t be bothered to do. This is SUPER important! I write down stuff like “Don’t want to ask Lola to re-send her email”. So it’s silly stuff that’s getting in the way! Writing all the “Don’t want tos” down is quite cathartic. And funny too!

5. When you’ve done your two lists have a re-read of the “Don’t WANT to”. When I see how ridiculous half this stuff is I feel compelled to get on with it! I think you will too!

6. Now read the list of stuff you don’t know HOW to do. Next to each item write down the name of someone you know who might know (or might know someone who knows). Once you’ve done this all the ‘don’t-know-HOWs’ will feel much more doable.

And that’s it! super-simple but it really works!

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