100 Days of Action! Step FIVE of the easy and BEST way to craft a 2015 plan for your business!

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Hurrah! We’re on the last step of our fabulous 2015 plan! Today we’re going to decide what you actually DO to achieve your 100 Day Goal. If you missed steps 1 to 4 of our FIVE step plan you can find them here!

Planning for 2015 100 day goal

You can now get the 5 Step Plan as a PDF! Hurrah! Just click here!

Action versus Motion!

So clearly you need to do stuff to reach your 100 Day Goal. Stuff that helps you directly achieve your goal. And while that sounds super-obvious we often don’t really do it! Gah!

This blog post explains the difference between taking Action and being in Motion. Mostly the reason that we don’t achieve our goals is that we spend too much time in Motion and not enough in Action. I certainly used to do this (and still do if I don’t keep an eye on it!)

Here’s an example of the difference between Action and Motion.

Let’s say your 100 Day Goal is to sell 500 dresses. The motion is making the dresses. The action is going to the market and selling them. 

Some motion is GOOD! We have to do that stuff! But we also need to take ACTION!

Why we DON’T take (much) Action!

There are lots of reasons why we do more Motion and less Action than we should. Here are three!

1 Motion is normally way more comfortable for us than Action. Action kinda hurts a bit! Motion feels good!

2 We spend time in Motion because we know what Motion-y things to do. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what Action stuff to do!

3 We are too BUSY with Motion stuff to make time for Action!

All GOOD reasons! But we need to fix them if we want to reach our 100 Day Goal. Yes?! So here’s something that really helps!

Make an Activity list

We’re going to make an Activity list! A list of things you can do to directly help you get your goal. It’s a list of Actions. Then, when you are stuck for daily actions you can refer to your list and pick something off there. Honestly, this really DOES work! Hurrah!

It’s not difficult to start your Activity list. Just:

1 Write your 100 Day goal in BIG and stick it on the wall in your workspace. Every activity you pick must directly work towards that goal. (I keep my 100 Day Goal stuck on the wall for the whole 100 days -I just find it HELPS!)

2 Print out the Activity list you started in Step 3 – that’s the list you collected and typed up under the Theme headings

3 Look at your Activity list and cross out anything that you’re not going to do in the next 100 Days. There’ll probably be a few things on there that are better done later in the year.

4 Now start adding activities to your list. What things can you do in the next 100 days which will totally move you towards your goal? Remember these are Actions not Motions. So if your 100 Day Goal is a Sales Revenue or Number of Sales goal (if you need a refresher on this look here!) your Actions will pretty well directly result in sales. Yes?!

5 If you’ve got stuff on your original list that doesn’t feel like an Action but you still want to do it, pop it in a new list (called, maybe, ‘projects’). Projects are still good to do but they are not Actions. Yes?!


1 You only need to do 3 Actions a day so you still have plenty of time for your normal work, projects and other stuff!

2 Actions are the things you do that contributes directly towards achieving your goal and we mostly miss our goals ‘cos we don’t do enough of THEM! (And I’m speaking from experience here! Gah!)

Keep adding to your Activity list

You won’t be able to think of every possible Activity now! In fact you might have even gone a bit blank – that happens sometimes when you try to hard to think about something! Don’t worry. Just relax and the ideas will come.


Maybe you can pin your Activity list to the wall in your workspace? That way you can easily add little notes. Plus it keeps it visible….which is good because otherwise ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and all that….

Have a quick look over your different Themes. If one of them is looking a bit skinny feel free to ditch it! It’s always better to focus clearly on a few core things!

Scheduling your activity list

You might find it useful to look through your activities and schedule them a bit – maybe work out which days or weeks you’re going to do them in. I don’t think you need to go overboard with the scheduling though as you’ll need to be flexible around your business AND once you get started you might find that some activities work better than others so you might want to change the mix.

What I do think is super-useful though is planning your WEEKLY activities. I find it much easier to do my three-things-a-day if I know what they are going to be! I usually spend a few minutes on Friday afternoon or Sunday night jotting down my planned Actions for the week. Even if it takes you half an hour, it’s half an hour well spent!

Habits to help you get Started

1 Have fun getting ready. I find buying a nice notebook for my 100 Day Journal helps!

2 Write out your first TWO WEEKS of Actions before you start. It helps to not have to think each day!

3 Promise yourself you’ll do the 100 Day Journal for two weeks minimum. I reckon after that you’ll want to carry on!

Habits to help you keep going!

1.The 100 Day Journal will really help you do your daily Actions. Just give it a try. It works!

2 Having your Activity list will mean you’re never wondering what to do!

3 Being part of our 100 Day Goal group will encourage you to keep going (we are kinda nice and supportive rather than sergeant-major-ish)

4 Pinning your 100 Day Goal on your wall will keep it top of mind!

That’s it!

So that’s the super-simple five step plan for 2015 all DONE! Not hard is it? And it works! Hurrah!

Here’s a recap of the steps in case you need it:

  1. Taking stock
  2. Finding a BIG goal
  3. Working out themes
  4. Setting a 100 day goal
  5. Deciding on 100 day activities for each theme (today’s so no link!)

♡ YOU?! ♡

Have you done all five steps? Have you got your 100 Day Goal? Are you going to keep the 100 Day Journal? Would you like to join us as we do it TOO?!

You can now get the 5 Step Plan as a PDF! Hurrah! Just click here!

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