Your 100 Day Goal! Step FOUR of the easy and BEST way to craft a 2015 plan for your business!

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Well, hello, we’re on Step 4 of our fabulous 2015 plan! Nearly there! Today we’re going to find your 100 Day Goal. If you missed steps 1, 2 and 3 you can find them here plus a little explanation of the Five Step Plan!


100 day goal

You can now get the 5 Step Plan as a PDF! Hurrah! Just click here!

100 Day Goal

Yearly goals are great but the big problemo is that it’s a LONG time until you achieve it.  In fact you might not feel in any rush to get started  ‘cos there’s a whole year to go. Right?!

To get the most out of your year you need to break it up a bit: into smaller goals in shorter time frames. Hmmm, and you need to get those time frames right. Too long and there’s no urgency. Too short and there’s not enough time to do really good work. Fortunately scientists have worked out what that optimal time period is. Turns out our brains LOVE to work on a goal that we have 100 days to complete. So that’s what we’re going to do!

Setting your 100 Day Goal

You’ve already done the hard work in setting your yearly goal so this is pretty easy. Just look at your yearly goal and work out how much of that you think you should achieve in the first 100 days of the year.

TIP! Your first 100 Day Goal of the year probably isn’t going to be a straight proportion (100/365 ) of your total yearly goal as some of the work you do at the beginning of the year will come to fruition after the 100 days (‘cos we’re in this for the long haul). So don’t be over ambitious!

What you do at the end of 100 days

At the end of the first 100 days you’ll want to see how you went. You can do this using the Taking Stock reflection that we did in Step 1 of the 2015 Plan.

Then you’ll need to set another 100 Day Goal and start all over again!

TIP! Don’t be disheartened if you don’t meet your first 100 Day Goal, we tend to overestimate what we can achieve when we first start doing this stuff. That’s OK! You’ll get into the groove!

There are more than 300 days in a year!

So yes, if you do three rounds of 100 Day Goals you’ll have a spare 65 days left until the end of the year. That’s cool. You can either go boom, boom, boom and move straight from 100 day to 100 day to 100 day to 65 day or you can take a wee breather between each one. The latter gives you time to reflect, reboot and re-energize which is kinda nice!

If you want to do three sets of 100 days you might want to calendarise it like this:

1 January to 10 April
1 May to 8 August
1 September to 9 Dec

And then you’ve got the rest of December to wrap up the year and plan for the next one!

100 Day Journal

100 DAY

So this really is the MAGIC of the whole 2015 plan! It’s the thing that keeps you working on the right things! You can’t imagine how powerful it is unless you give it a try. So will you? For me?!

It’s super simple

1 Buy a book or a journal which you can write in every day for 100 days. The pages don’t need to be big. You’re not going to write much but you ARE going to write every day!

2 In the front of your journal write down your:

3 Every day write down three things you’ve done towards your goal. They don’t have to be big things, but they do need to be actions rather than motions. There’s lots of stuff on the difference between action and motion HERE.

4 On the days when you’re not working ( I hope you have a few!) it’s still super-useful to to be thinking about your 100 day goal. On those days just write down your thoughts or ideas (these are motions rather than actions but that’s ok ‘cos you’re not working, right!). The commitment to DAILY writing in your journal helps your subconscious to keep working on your goals and it helps you to keep in the flow. Also, once you’ve kept your journal for a few weeks, you won’t want to break the chain and miss a day. That, in itself, will keep you working daily towards your goal as you’ll ALWAYS need to have something to write about!

5 Write down your progress. This is the FAB thing about having a measurable goal: you can write down your daily progress!
If you’re going well towards your goal it’s very motivating to see the numbers climb. If you’re going a bit slow., well it kinda forces you to try some new activities to reach your goal. Although the latter is painful, it’s a GOOD thing!

And that’s it. Well almost! Next time we’ll look at how you decide what activities you do in your 100 days.

Free FUN daily reminder for your 100 Day Journal!

Here’s a fact about your 100 day goal and 100 day journal: it’s very exciting to start but can be tricky to keep going! You’ve gotta remember to do it……and that requires a bit of discipline!

So here’s something you might like! If you want to join me I’ll send you a little reminder every couple of days! I need reminding too so it kinda helps us both! This is totally FREE. Just pop your details in here and from Thursday 1 January 2015* you’ll get a daily-ish reminder to do your 100 day journal! I might include some other tips and stuff too. We’ll see! Fancy that?!

*you don’t HAVE to start on 1 January. If you’re feeling a bit the worse for wear you could just have a five minute think in the shower!

Next time

Next time we’re doing Step Five: Deciding on your 100 day activities for each theme

♡ YOU?! ♡

Have you got your 100 Day Goal? Are you going to keep the 100 Day Journal? Would you like to join us as we do it TOO?!

You can now get the 5 Step Plan as a PDF! Hurrah! Just click here!

PS This is part of a series I’m doing about crafting a super-simple plan for your business! If you don’t want to miss the next one you can get it in our weekly FREE Snacks email!



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