How to make time for new projects when you’re already super busy with your day-to-day business!

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You will never find time for anything.

Sometimes I find it tricky to make time for new projects. You TOO?! There is so much going on in the daily-do of business that it’s not easy to find time to think and plan the new stuff! YES?!

Here’s what I’ve been doing to make sure I get some time on my projects. Maybe you’d like to try it too?!

1 Keep a Project list

I keep a list of projects I REALLY want to work on. I know this sounds super-obvious but I didn’t always do this and my ‘start-now’ projects got kinda lost in with the millions of other ideas I had!

2 Book ‘Project-Hour’s in the diary

I’ve found the best way to get going on projects is to book them in my diary! So a few times a week I will block out an hour in my calendar (‘project-hour’) to work on my project. I have to be VERY strong minded to use the hour for my project and not for something that’s just popped up, but I’ve been practising being super- disciplined about this and now it’s easy!

3 One hour is enough

I used to think that I couldn’t make any progress on a project unless I had a good half a day to work on it. Hmm. Not true! Since I’ve started using the project-hour I’ve found that an hour is the perfect amount of time! It’s long enough to get stuff done yet short enough to make the time to actually do it!

4 Plan for the ‘Project-hour’

To get the best out of my project-hours, I decide what work I’m going to do in the hour in advance. I didn’t do this at first and found myself spending most of the hour deciding what to do! Gah! Now I plan my next project-hour at the end of the hour I’ve just done. That way it’s all still lovely and fresh in my head and I have the BEST ideas and notes about what to work on next time.

5 Use a timer!

I use a timer to stop myself getting distracted! It’s such an easy technique to use to stay focussed. I just set my clock for an hour and promise myself to ignore phone, email, social media etc until the alarm rings!

6 Do it at least weekly

Even when I’m super-busy I try to have at least one project-hour a week. I’ve found that if I leave it any longer than that it’s really hard to pick the project back up. Anyhoo, I always manage to squeeze that little hour in somewhere. And I do love working on projects, so it’s not exactly a chore!

That’s it from me! How do YOU make time to fit new projects in?


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3 Comments on "How to make time for new projects when you’re already super busy with your day-to-day business!"

  1. Eva Van Strijp October 21, 2014 at 7:21 am · Reply

    Love this, Julia!

  2. Cassie October 22, 2014 at 10:50 am · Reply

    I am currently resolving to make Sunday as project day. You are right in that we will never have time to do the things we want unless we make time for it 🙂

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