Found! Tips on managing critics, using photos, body language and the first 10 minutes of your day!

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Ins't this FAB?!

Ins’t this FAB?!

1. Oh goodness. Isn’t getting criticised awful? And why do some people just hate everything? Here are some FAB thoughts about the people who seem to hate stuff for no reason.

2. This is a very ace post about the *perils* of using images you don’t own on your blog/website etc. It’s an easy mistake to make. Yes?

3. Here’s a good article about body language. But the best bit is at the end! Got a tricky meeting coming up (or a difficult phone call)? Do your power pose (In private! Before the meeting!)

4. I love this. It’s what Steve Jobs called ‘joining the dots” and you can only do it backwards. The cool thing is that you never know where something will lead to. I LIKE that!

5. How to spend the first 10 Minutes of your day! Some FAB tips hidden in here.

6. Here’s an extra! It’s about how the founder of Papa Johns got started. Good eh?!



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