Find ONE thing and stop doing it

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Here’s a simple tip! It helps lighten the load. Fabulous if you are feeling a little bit over burdened today.“Often it isn't the mountains ahead that (2)

The trouble with new stuff is that it’s more work to do. And even if the new things are only very small, one by one they add up.

I sometimes I think of it like a wardrobe. ‘Things we already do’ are the old clothes squished onto the rail. The ‘new idea’ is the fancy-pants dress we buy. There isn’t really any room for the dress in the wardrobe but all the same we squish the hangers with the old clothes into the last few inches of the rail to clear the dress a nice big space.

And it works OK until we grab the ‘old’ clothes out of the wardrobe and find them totally crumpled……

Wardrobes and business would be very boring if we couldn’t add in new stuff. But, as home organisers everywhere will tell you, the trick is to take something away.

So today’s tip is this.

Before you bring a new thing into your business, chuck something out. And if you haven’t chucked anything out recently, start by finding ONE thing to stop doing and stop doing it today.

Don’t be alarmed. You don’t have to get rid of anything big. Little useless things are the best to jettison.

And how do you decide what to let go of? Well, I’m sure you can think of a few things you don’t really need to do anymore, but if you are stuck try this:

1.Ask yourself  “If I had to stop doing something, what would I stop doing?

2.When you’re working, every time you start a new task ask yourself “Do I really need to be doing this?

The funny thing is that making the decision to stop doing even the tiniest task really makes you feel a little freer. Try it.


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