The Creative Collection giveaway!

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The Creative Collection

The Creative Collection

You can win this book! Details in this week’s Snacks! It’s packed with useful tips for creative businesses. Sounds like you, YES?!

Wanna know more about the book? Here’s what’s in it:

The 5 steps to Running a Successful Creative Business

Step 1: Situation and Mindset
This section covers expectations and mindset, and the most common barriers to creative success.

Step 2: Goal Setting and Planning for Success
Strategies to free up your time from the frustrating everyday tasks of running a business, and where to go for advice.

Step 3: The Linchpin: Capital and Cash Flow
The simple tricks to solving cash flow issues and generating funding.

Step 4: Meet me in the Cloud: The Twenty-First-Century Toolkit
Find out how to effectively outsource the less appealing parts of your business.

Step 5: Evaluate and Streamline
A deep dive into your current finances, growing and streamlining your team and effective techniques for pricing.

And there’s more info HERE


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One Comment on "The Creative Collection giveaway!"

  1. Sarah September 2, 2014 at 9:20 pm · Reply

    You know when something crosses your path, and you think, wow – that is just what my life needs right now! I really hope to win this book.

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