12 Little truths I’ve learned about managing time while running a solo businesses

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Ever get to the end of your day, got nothing done and wonder where the day went? Wondering if you can possibly make your solo business successful without working 24/7?! Me TOO! But after running my business for 8 years I now know it IS possible and actually very doable!

Here are some things I’ve learned about time management for solo businesses.

time is the scarcest resource (1)

1 There will always be more to do than can be done. There literally are NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY. Ever. But, that’s OK!  And in fact, once you get this, managing your time becomes so much easier!

2 If you tried time management stuff before and it didn’t work it’s probably because you followed stuff written for employees in office jobs. Time management for solo businesses is TOTALLY different and way more important! We have a few hundred more balls to juggle than the average employee AND if we stuff up how we spend our time, we’ll be working hard for NOTHING!

3 Little things make a BIG difference. It’s not all about making huge changes. For example I found a super-simple formula for managing my time which made me a gazillion times more effective (not even exaggerating, much)

4 Things always pop up to derail your time management plans. Always! Sick children, a feisty client, moving house, whatever. It’s very frustrating but I’ve found it’s totally possible to smile and get through it, rather than completely lose the plot.

5 It’s totally possible to get more done with less stress! Having a method and routines fixed this for me.

6 It is absolutely within your grasp to feel less overwhelmed and more in control. If you work on the right things you don’t need to be consumed by your business! Really!

7 When you know what to do, it’s actually super-easy to be more effective and more efficient. Even if you’re not a very organised efficient type of person!

8 Simply cramming more stuff into your day is not the answer!

9 You’re never going to find time unless you “make” it. Things won’t ever get better on their own

10 Managing time is really about managing choices. Thinking this way has really helped me!

11 You don’t have to be frantic. Busy people become frantic when they they lose their ability to prioritise and concentrate. We all go there occasionally but you don’t have to live there! Really!

12 You don’t have to always be BUSY. It’s actually very possible to achieve lots without always being busy. It’s about simplifying.  And it’s easier than you think!

How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE!

If you feel like you have too much to do and wondering if you can ever make your solo business successful without working 24/7 , you’ll love our new guide “How to get it all done when you’re a business of ONE” . You totally CAN do it! More deets here if you fancy.


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