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Did you make any resolutions for 2014? I made a few. I always do. But what works *better* for me is having a ‘word for the year’.

I’m hopeless at remembering  resolutions but even I can’t forget a ‘word’!  It’s like a little mantra for me. I kinda say my word over and over in my mind. And that way it WORKS!

My word for the year in 2013 was “Simplify’. It was quite an obvious one to pick. My life’s a bit hectic, what with the business, the four children, the dog, the house, the husband (poor lamb)….. Anyhoo last year  was “simplify” and I think it really did help me make life a little less complicated.

This year my word is “Discipline”. So far so good……

What’s this got to do with business? Well I like to have a BUSINESS word for the year as well and I thought you might too!

Your business word for the year could be the same as your personal one (mine is!) or you could pick one especially for your business. Fancy giving it a go? If you’re feeling a bit lost for a word here are nine that businessey friends used last year that seemed to work SUPER well:



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