Two free and super useful note-taking apps!

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These two super-simple note-taking apps are perfect for jotting down ideas on the go!

Free notetaking apps

I need a super-simple system for noting down my thoughts and ideas. How do YOU do it?! I’ve experimented with everything from good ol’ pen and paper through to some scarily complex apps.  At the moment these two (free) apps are working fabulously for me and I thought you might like to try them TOO!

1 Captio

Captio is just the SIMPLEST note taking thingo ever! It’s a phone app that lets you send yourself an an email with just one tap. I use it to send notes to myself!

I’ve set my Captio to send notes straight to Evernote and that way I don’t end up with an email inbox full of notes to myself. (Gah! I used to do that! Did you?!) At the end of every day I then go through my main Evernote notebook (where the Captio notes land) and move them into their rightful folder.

Isn’t that just so simple? Notes taken and filed in the right place. Todo’s in the TODO folder, Blog idea in the Blog Ideas folder…..Organisation! Hurrah!

2 Neato

Neato is a new thing! It’s just for the iPhone (so sorry if that excludes you) but it’s so clever I did want to mention it. It does kinda the same thing as Captio (above) but instead of just being able to send your note to a single email address you can send it to Evernote, Dropbox or Twitter and you can email or message it too (with the extra-but-easy step of adding in the address!)

The Neato thing is an iOS8 widget (whatever that means!) and it’s very quick to access ‘cos it lives in ‘Notifications’. So you just kinda swipe down and there it is. Does that makes sense? Gah! It’s hard to explain. But worry-ye-not,  the download comes with a super-simple explanation video that even made sense to ME!

How do you make notes?! Got any tips or apps to share?!




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