Today! It’s time to stop and take stock!

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Oh look! We’re more than 100 days into this year already! That went quickly. Yes?! I kinda feel I need to take stock. You too? Here are some questions I ask myself. Maybe you’d like to do them as well!

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Here are some questions I ask myself when I’m having a Think Day. You don’t need to do the whole Think Day thing – these questions are great for just asking yourself over a cup of tea. But I find after I’ve answered these I’m full of ideas and I need a bit of time (a Think Day!) to work out what I’m going to do with them!

I also think it’s best to write the answers down. Writing forces us to concentrate and properly articulate our thoughts which in turn actually makes our thinking better! True!

15 brilliant questions to ask yourself!

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So! Pen and paper ready?!Write down:

1. Something that’s gone well

2. Something that went better than expected

3. Something that took longer than expected

4. Something that didn’t go well

5. Something that didn’t work

6. Something you’re proud of

7. Something you won’t do again

8. Something you haven’t started yet but had planned to!

9. Something that has surprised you

10. Something that is frustrating you

11. Something that’s been a bit of a failure. And what did you learn?

12. Your biggest problem this year so far?

13. Something that made you HAPPY!

14. Something you learned

15. Something you’re going to do differently next time

Done! How do you feel?! Has it been a good start to the year? Hope so!


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