Tip to help you reach your 100 Day (sales) Goal: Start an email newsletter NOW

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Have you been putting off starting an email newsletter? Are you kinda hoping you don’t really need one? Did you start one ages ago and then, um, give up?

I know email newsletters feel like a bit of a chore. What do you write about? How do you do the techie bit? Is it going to take ages to do? Who are you going to send it to? And is anyone going to read it anyway?

But what if doing an email newsletter wasn’t really that hard.  AND what if doing an email newsletter helped you make LOTS of sales.

Would you do it then?

Read on…..!

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Email newsletters will help you make sales! 


1 Newsletters remind customers and would-be customers that you exist!

Most of the people who come across your business (in real life, or via your online channels) will love what you are selling, but they just won’t need to buy your stuff right now.

It’s true!

Think about this in terms of the way YOU browse and shop. How many times have you seen something you like but haven’t bought it because you don’t need it….yet?!

These would-be customers don’t have to disappear from your life forever! When you get their email address and send them a regular newsletter, each newsletter will remind them that you exist! Then, when they are ready, they WILL buy from you!

[Note about markets: One of the great things about doing Markets is that even if people don’t buy, it gets your brand “out there”. Or does it? If you’re not collecting email addresses “out there” means diddly squat. Let me be brutal: no one will remember you.]

2 Newsletters make YOU feel more trustworthy

People like to buy from businesses that they TRUST and although you are super-trustworthy, someone coming across you online doesn’t know that! Lots of would-be customers probably aren’t buying from you because they don’t know if they can trust you.

This is easily fixed with a friendly and helpful email newsletter. If you write it like it’s coming from you (your voice, your style) your newsletter will feel like it’s coming from a friend. Then, when your would-be customers are ready to buy, they won’t hesitate because they know they can trust you!

3 Newsletters are a gentle way to encourage customers to buy!

I don’t really like the expression “Ask for the sale” as it makes me think of sleazy car salesmen, but it does sum up nicely what we need to do! We need to “Ask for the sale”. We need to SELL!

But, y’know, lots of us really don’t like doing this!

If you don’t want to appear sales-y you will find it easier to “Ask for the sale” in an email newsletter than you will on Social Media. You’ve got more options for wrapping the sale in friendly chat in an email than you do in a Facebook, Insta or Twitter post.

And if you’re not great at the face to face you’ll probably feel mightily more comfortable  ‘asking for the sale’ in a newsletter (though you do need to get used to doing face to face TOO!)

There are nice ways to “Ask for the sale” in email newsletters. You really don’t need to be pushy. And you can include special freebies or discounts which are only for subscribers. (This will help them feel appreciated and will encourage them to BUY!)

4 Newsletters turn fleeting Social Media followers into would-be customers

It’s hard to turn those Social Media followers into customers isn’t it? And to navigate the fickleness of Facebook, the quirks of Instagram, the noise of Twitter, and the busy-ness of Pinterest. 

But, if you can get your Social Media followers to subscribe to your newsletter YOU’LL be back in control! YOU get to choose what content your subscribers see, and YOU get to choose when they see it. 

Email newsletters put YOU  in charge!

Quick aside on Facebook. I’m going to do a much longer blog post on this shortly, so for now I’ll just be blunt! Facebook is never going to be a huge driver of sales for you. Facebook is in the business of sharing entertaining content (so that’s stuff that’s amusing or interesting or scandalous), and most Facebook posts that ‘drive’ sales are neither interesting or entertaining! Unless you pay for ads, your work won’t get seen by many people. Period.

Procrastinator’s Guide to Easy Email Newsletters!

Screenshot 2016-02-26 13.15.31

Ok, so you know you should do an email newsletter, but you’re still procrastinating. Right?

When we’ve chatted lots of you have said you haven’t started your newsletter yet because you think it’s going to take too long and be too tricky. 

 I get that. So I’ve put a guide together ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

It’s called the Procrastinator’s Guide to Easy Email Newsletters and because it’s for PROCRASTINATORS I’ve made the whole newsletter thing VERY straightforward and doable.

There is nothing to avoid here!

Here’s what’s in the Guide:

Screenshot 2016-02-26 13.17.16

1 Why you need an email newsletter (expanding on what I’ve talked about above because there are MORE reasons!)

2 The INGREDIENTS of a fabulous newsletter (and how to put them together)

3 The TECHNOLOGY. I know for some of you this is the groan-able part but I’ve made it really easy. In the guide I’ll show you how to use Mailchimp (because it’s by far the most popular email newsletter app, and it’s free until you get lots of subscribers) and I promise, when you get rid of the distracting bits, it’s actually super-simple!

4 Getting email SIGN UPS

5 Email open rates and unsubscribes

6 How to get your newsletter done painlessly each month!

The Guide is actually in three parts and is done as a video with notes and printables.

Part 1: Everything above except for what’s in Part 2 and Part 3. I’ve kept ‘technology’ separate so it doesn’t distract you from the more important stuff which we cover in Part 1! You don’t have to actually watch this one, you could listen while you work!

Part 2: The technology. Step by step screen grabs so you can pause and follow along with me!

Part 3: Canva (In case you need help making pretty images)

 If you know you need to start and email newsletter and you’d like the Procrastinator’s Guide to Easy Email Newsletters you can get it HERE


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